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Grab this government mandated 11.8% yield

0.40% in a Money Market 1.05% in a 1-Year CD 1.90% in a 10-Year Treasury Or an 12.7% Government-Mandated Yield

Fellow Investor,

At first glance, this act of Congress seems like another yet break for the fat-cats.

If you have enough money — and the right lawyers to sort through the mumbo-jumbo — you can set up a business and pay little or no corporate income tax, even if you make billions!

No off-shoring…no fancy tricks to keep profits off the books…no sweat and no taxes.

But — and this is where things really get interesting — a little-known provision of this law, one slipped in almost as an after-thought, not only created a bonanza for the big players…

…but also a remarkable wealth-building opportunity for private investors like you.

When This Law First Passed,
Most People Didn’t Even Notice

It was 1980, a much different time than today.

There weren’t any 24/7 news channels. Most Americans didn’t concern themselves with big business or Wall Street. And they parked a lot of money in bank CDs, paying up to 19% annual interest at the time.

Fast forward 33 years.

The economy is slow, like it was then. Unemployment is high, like it was then. And despite what the government wants us to believe, everyday costs — for food, gas, health care and the like — are through the roof.

Yet the Fed is manipulating interest rates to keep them artificially low, bailing out the big borrowers and penalizing lifelong savers, like you.

No Wonder This Government-Mandated 12.7% Yield
Is Starting to Get So Much Attention

It’s one of the few ways to keep your head above water and make your savings truly work for you.

“Pay Me Now and Pay Me Later”

Bryan Perry, champion of high-yield investing and the founder of Cash Machine Wealthy families have long used numerous high-yield strategies to perpetuate their wealth. I have firsthand experience, having managing money for a select group of these clients since 1999.

But thanks to the growth of specialized investment companies in recent years, many of these strategies — once reserved for multi-millionaires — have become available for investors of much more modest means.

That’s why I started my Cash Machine 5 years ago — to help folks like you craft your own high-yield portfolio and create a stream of income to fund the life you’ve dreamed of.

I’m not going to tell you to buy Wal-Mart…Microsoft…or McDonalds. You can learn about them elsewhere. Yes, those stocks pay dividends — but they’re not high enough for my liking.

At Cash Machine, we specialize in special situation dividend stocks that truly treat you as a business owner, sharing the lion’s share of the profits with you.

That’s the main difference. Where McDonalds is focused on growing its business, these investments are focused on growing your income.

6%-9% yields are common. 10%-16% yields are surprisingly easy — and safe — to come by. Plus, fat capital gains often make your total returns much larger:

  • 122% in Atlantic Power
  • 153% in Provident Energy Trust
  • 83% in Diana Shipping
  • 118% in Terra Nitrogen
  • 70% in Blackstone Group
  • 118% in Penn Virginia Resource
  • 110% in Alliance Resource
  • 131% in LINN Energy; among many others.

All names we owned for high dividends and big capital gains at Cash Machine.

Join me now, and I’ll help you own many more stocks like these that pay you now and pay you later.

signed Bryan Perry

You see, while this law was passed after intense lobbying by American businessmen, it also created a significant advantage for America savers, as well — especially in an age where Ben Bernanke has vowed to keep interest rates low seemingly “forever.”

The company I’m writing to you about today — taking full advantage of this law for its big investors — will also pay you a luscious 12.7% annual yield.

Not out of the goodness of their hearts — only because they must do so by law.

That’s because the only way they get their huge tax break is to “pass through” most of the company’s profits to investors. All investors — whether they are in for $50 million on the ground floor, or they buy a few shares later on the open market.

This law — one of the few things Congress has gotten right in decades — requires this company to distribute 90% of its profits at a bare minimum. And that creates a stunning stream of income for you.

Get In Now Before This Stock
Goes Ex-Dividend

This stock goes ex-dividend on June 26th. That means you must own it before that date to be entitled to its next monthly distribution.

If you wait and miss this date, it will cost you a pile of easy money.

Is This a Prudent Place to
Park Some Cash?

For my money, it’s the best value in the space right now.

In fact, this stock could well be our “next Triangle Capital Corporation” — an investment that recently handed us a 109% total return!

That sure beats money markets and CDs hands-down!

And I believe we could be looking at a “repeat performance” from my new #1 pick in the space.

It’s a big kahuna in the business with a stock price in a solid uptrend — but with plenty of room left to run, as fund managers enjoy its easy liquidity, compared with smaller peers.

What’s more, the financials are a ringing endorsement for investing now.

Net asset value has risen 5 straight quarters. The company has posted upside earnings surprises 3 straight quarters. And it boasts an average yearly revenue growth north of 40% over the last 5 years.

For full details — including its name and up-to-the-minute buy instructions — see your Free online copy of Government-Mandated High Yields, detailing this and 3 more high-income investments, paying 8.1% — 13.3% annual yields:

  1. You don’t need a few million bucks to join this Silicon Valley venture group — all it takes is one share of stock. This team of 13 directors — with 274 years’ experience between them — specializes in tech and life-science financing, where this economy’s real growth is. Current yield: 8%
  1. “Bryan uncovers opportunities that I would not have found on my own.”
    — L. Dickinson, Kansas City, MO
    At the beginning of the year, I told Cash Machine members that some of our best 2013 income — and capital gains — opportunities would come from the growing strength in small- to medium-sized private business. This company specializes in lending to this market and is poised to be a big winner for us. Current yielding 10.4%.
  1. A more aggressive play in this sector really pays off big — a whopping 15.1% current yield! This is a leveraged play on government-mandated high yields — backed by one of the most-experienced names on Wall Street. Check out the details in your online copy of Government-Mandated High Yields — FREE when you join me at Cash Machine now.
Cash Machine is your biggest bargain in income investing — try it and I think you’ll agree. You pay just $49 for a full year of service. I do all the work and you get the income stream you’ve always dreamed of.

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It’s Safety-First When It Comes to
Your Investments at Cash Machine

Let’s be brutally honest: Nobody knows what the market is going to do on any given day.

There’s no such thing as a “free lunch.” If you want to beat the near-zero returns of treasuries and CDs, you’ll have to live with the ups and downs of the market.

Fat dividends that pay you now help smooth out the ride. But dividends alone don’t mean squat if you don’t have a plan and don’t stick with it.

And at Cash Machine, when I say “safety first,” I mean it:

1. Business strength comes first

It all starts with traditional fundamental analysis. I use time-tested metrics to sift through hundreds of dividend-paying securities to find the relative handful I recommend to you. Cash flow must be strong…management top-tier…with a business model able to withstand and prosper through all sorts of economic conditions.

“This is the best of six newsletters I've trialed. After less than one year, I've realized dividends and profits totaling more than 200 times my subscription price.”
— D. Leeper, Scottsdale, AZ

2. Hit the order button at the right time

Fundamental analysis identifies the stocks I’d like to own, but technical analysis — using money flow, moving averages and various other indicators — alert us to the best time to enter a position.

3. Never chase a rabbit

It’s tempting to “pay up” for a great idea, but that’s almost never a good idea. If a stock quickly jumps past the buy-price I set (after careful analysis), we don’t chase it. Experience tells me, we usually get a second chance to buy it right — and if we don’t, I’d rather move on to the next safety-first idea.

4. Be patient. Don’t panic.

Don’t sweat the day-to-day market fluctuations. Turn off CNBC and enjoy your fat dividend checks — the world will still be there tomorrow. I do the homework…give you a well-diversified selection of high-yield stocks…update you every week on a “need to know” basis…provide straight talk on when to sell…and give full detailed analysis of the market and our holdings every month.

5. Don’t get greedy.

I eliminate many high-yield stocks from consideration because their business models don’t make sense to me or their dividends seem unsustainable. Steer clear with me. And I while I love to hold great earners for a good long time, if one of our holdings seems fully valued, we will take profits. You can take that to the bank!

At $49 for a full year of service, Cash Machine is a bona fide bargain. What’s 49 bucks? A tank of gas…less than a lot of people spend at Starbucks each month…a sack of groceries. It’s not much. You pay just $49 for a high-income plan that will seriously boost your lifestyle. And get this — if you don’t love it, tell me anytime in the first 90 days, and I’ll give you every penny back. You’ve got nothing to lose and tens-of-thousands in extra income to gain.

Join here

More Highlights from Our Cash Machine Portfolio

  • What do corn and natural gas not have in common?

    Natural gas is cheap; but corn is expensive — year to year prices are up 18.9%. Some of that is due to last summer’s drought, but the real long-term catalyst is the soaring demand for corn around the world — as global consumers adopt more and more of the American lifestyle.

    So what’s the tie-in between corn and natural gas? Corn plants are heavy feeders — it takes a lot of fertilizer to grow those ears. And natural gas is the key element in the production of nitrogen fertilizer.

    The company we own — for a total return of 47% in just over two years — is the lowest-cost producer in the U.S. and, arguably, the world. No wonder its IPO was 5-times oversubscribed when it went public.

    With a current yield of 7.8%, this stock could average 15%-20% total returns for years to come. Get full details when you join Cash Machine now.
  • Bank a juicy 9%.

    “Bryan, I just wanted to thank you for your service. I have been with you for the last 4 or 5 years, and you have kept me afloat and prospering…I have been living, and quite well, on the dividend income I am making on my investments. My wife thinks I am a financial guru due to my success, but I owe it all to you. Thanks, from a grateful subscriber.”
    — P.M. Collins, GA
    This tax-advantaged company sports a current yield of 9% through current income and capital appreciateion. And because it's required to annually distribute at least 90% of its investment income to shareholders in order to qualify for "pass through" tax treatment, I'm confident we'll see nice quarterly dividends for the forseeable future. The stock is poised to break out from a technical standpoint and begin a new uptrend that should hit my one-year price target. Get my latest analysis here.
  • The MLP that pays out king-sized distributions.

    This pure refining play located in Texas is an independent downstream energy limited partnership that owns refining and related logistics assets in the Midcontinent United States. It has joined its refinery peers in reaping the benefits of the spread between WTI crude oil and Brent crude from the North Sea, which allows the MLP "to realize relatively lower crude oil costs and benefit from the refined product prices resulting from higher Brent prices." The MLP just went public in January 2013 at $25 and even at its current price around $30, it's yielding nearly 21%. And, I'm inclined to think that it's not a fluke based on its record first-quarter results.
  • The U.S. is about to become a big exporter of natural gas, and this company is leading the way.

    This is your opportunity to cash-in on a long-term secular global growth story for natural gas. Gas prices here in the U.S. are about $3 per mcf — but prices in Japan and Korea are $17-$19.

    See the opportunity? We’ve got the gas, and they need it — desperately. Book a nice 5.8% dividend now and bank much bigger gains down the road.

    This has been a nice find for us at Cash Machine. We’re up 98% total so far. Read all my current analysis — including our strict buy-limit for the safest gains — when you join me at Cash Machine today.
  • The “smart money” is buying up debt.

    Right around the time I first recommended stocks like this, Bloomberg Businessweek ran an article titled “Why Toxic Debt Looks a Lot Less Toxic.” It seems we were on the same page, as my analysis showed a definite bottoming process in the distressed mortgage market. The natural tendency in a slow economy is to allocate funds to commercial real estate even more so than residential. That’s why it makes sense to own this commercial mREIT right now. The yield is nearly 9.6%, with big possibilities for capital gains, too.


Cash Machine costs just $49 for a full year. Just $25,000 split among the 5 stocks listed above would pay out over $2,600 at current dividend rates. And that’s just scratching the surface of what we do at Cash Machine. We have conservative stocks…more aggressive plays…little-known income funds…business development companies…energy stocks…real estate trusts…you name it. In recent years a whole new world of high-yield products have been issued that few investors even know about. That’s what we specialize in at Cash Machine — creating a safety-first stream of income to fund the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

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Get Started Right Now

All it takes is $49 — less than 14-cents a day.

Waiting will cost you a pile of easy money. Join me at Cash Machine now and get all the details on 4 high-income investments you can lock-in right away with your Free copy of Government-Mandated High Yields.

And remember, if you’re not 110% convinced in the first 90 days of your subscription, just say, “no thanks,” and I’ll promptly refund every cent you’ve paid. The Free report is yours to keep, no matter what.

All my high-yield recommendations are waiting for you here.


signed Bryan Perry
Bryan Perry
Editor, Cash Machine

P.S. If you have too much money locked up in money markets or low-paying CDs, set some of it free.

Don’t just let your wealth waste away over time. Grow it instead the Cash Machine way. Your small $49 investment now could easily be worth thousands of dollars in the months ahead. Plus, you get a Free copy of my latest report: Government-Mandated High Yields.

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