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Times have certainly changed when a doctor will tell you to eat chocolate, well dark chocolate anyway. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants called flavonoids, which help fight cancer. There are also studies showing that eating dark chocolate can lower the risk of having a heart attack.
More About the Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes
Dark Chocolate Molten Lava CakesEveryone loves this cake. It's fun cutting into a cake and having chocolate flow out of it.

Dark Chocolate Chess Pie
Dark Chocolate Chess Pie Photo by Carroll PellegrinelliWhile at my daughter's church choir Christmas party, I was talking to the other mothers about homemade gifts. One mother said she always gives her neighbors Dark Chocolate Chess Pies. Of course, my initial thought was "I want to be her neighbor." My next one naturally was to get her recipe.
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Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookie
Photo by Carroll Pellegrinellli
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Crockpot Chocolate-Peanut Clusters
Crockpot Chocolate-Peanut ClustersAlthough, dark chocolate isn't the only chocolate in these Crockpot Chocolate-Peanut Clusters, it's the one that adds the real chocolate flavor.
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