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About Gardening: Oh Dear, It's Fall!

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From Marie Iannotti, your Guide to Gardening

Even if the calendar didn't say so, I would know it was fall by the cool breezes that have blown in. I like working outdoors in the fall. There's still time to plant and harvest and there is plenty of cleaning up to do, before I put my garden to bed. You may not have the time to get your whole garden in order, but here are a handful of fall tasks for a better spring garden.

Gardening Tip of the Week

Quick Cold Frames: You can garden into winter by covering your raised beds with hoops made out of PVC and covered with plastic. I do this every fall and winter, works great in the south. --Submitted by Valentine

Thank you to everyone who has shared a tip. Keep them coming!

We're running out of days in September, so be sure to get your photos in for the September Photo Challenge - Garden Ornaments. Rustic, elegant or just plain whimsical, let's see them!

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Storing Your Harvest
When I see how lovely my squashes and root vegetables look all lined up, I find it hard to think about eating them. I get over it when I remember that they won't last forever. Here's some help to keep your harvest around long enough to enjoy it this winter.

Winter Waterlily Care
Water garden plants can be so undemanding, you may forget they need care at all. But most of us need to give them some extra protection in the winter. Hardy waterlilies need only minimal help handling the cold, but tropical varieties are in for a shock.
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Don't Forget the Shallots
I've grown garlic for decades, but I only recently started growing shallots. I think the high price tag in the grocery store made me think they were difficult to grow. They're not. You can plant them in fall or spring, so start looking from some bulbs to get into the ground now.
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Over the Garden Gate
It's so nice to hear that gardening doesn't stop when summer ends. Neither do gardening questions. Join us Over the Garden Gate and pick up a few tips.


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