Thursday, September 26, 2013

About Parenting: Gearing Up for Cold and Flu Season

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From Amanda Rock, your About Parenting Editor
As I sit here and type this, I'm trying my hardest to fight off a fall cold and failing miserably. Everyone in my house has been dealing with ridiculously stuffy noses this past week, but I'm the first one to fall victim to a sore throat and fever. Woo hoo! I'm number one!

How to Juggle a Sick Child and Work
Fortunately, if one of my kids gets sick and needs to stay home from school, as a work-at-home mom, I can care for them. But not everyone has a flexible arrangement like that. Katherine has some excellent tips on lining up emergency care and planning in advance for when your child gets sick.

Flu Shots for Children
Our whole family gets flu shots every year, as soon as we can. I think I started that tradition when I once got the flu the last week in September and vowed never again. Not sure if the flu shot works for your family? Dr. Ianelli has put together a comprehensive guide to the vaccination, including who should get it and what to expect.
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Video: How to Wash Your Hands the Right Way
One of the most effective tools against spreading bugs and germs is washing your hands. And strangely enough, many people (kids especially) don't get it right. This video from Kathy Moore walks you and your little ones through the process.

Can Your Tween Go to School?
When one of my kids starts in with the sniffles, the million-dollar question is always, "Can I stay home?" Unless they have a fever, my answer is usually no. If you aren't sure, this list from Jennifer should help.
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