Thursday, September 26, 2013

About Quilting: New Quilt Pattern in Two Sizes

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From Janet Wickell, your Guide to Quilting
This week's newest quilt pattern is available in two sizes, a queen and a baby quilt.

In Monday's Newsletter
Another new pattern and an early discussion of the 2014 New Year's Day Mystery Quilt... enough to help you start thinking about fabrics.

Easy Batik Nine Patch Quilt Pattern
This easy quilt pattern is shown in batik fabrics, but don't feel limited by that choice -- simply choose another theme to create a very different look. The original pattern results in a queen sized quilt that finishes at about 85" x 101", and instructions are written in a couple of different ways... make the quilt in orderly colors, take it just a bit scrappy, or go entirely scrap happy.

Baby Quilt Version of the Batik Nine Patch

Easy Batik Nine Patch Quilt Pattern

I separated the baby quilt variation from the original pattern, but it's easy to print the original pattern and pencil-in the changes for yardages and cutting requirements. Instructions and step-by-step illustrations remain the same. The small quilt is made with 6" blocks and finishes at about 42" x 51".

Printing Patterns
Site designs change from time to time, but right now look for the small printer icon near the right edge of the narrow green bar at the top of pattern pages. Use that link to pull up print-friendly pages.

How to Sew a Hanging Sleeve to a Quilt
Easy hanging sleeve 'pockets' are available commercially, but it's simple to sew a hanging sleeve from any fabric. Sleeves can be added while you're binding the quilt or after it's finished.

How to Analyze Patchwork Quilt Blocks
Understanding patchwork block 'bone structure' helps you change the size of a quilt block and easily determine which blocks work best together.
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