Wednesday, September 25, 2013

About Teen Life: So You Want a Pet...

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From Ellen Friedrichs, your About Teen Life Editor
I have lived with a lot of animals in my time, from goldfish to turtles to rabbits and many, many cats. Each had their own benefits and drawbacks. Here are some things for teens considering a foray into pet-land to consider.

Top 10 Reasons Why Birds Make Good Pets
If you are thinking about adding a pet to your family, it's important to keep in mind your lifestyle and living situation so that you can choose a pet that will be compatible. Perhaps you are live in an apartment, are unable to take a pet outside for daily walks, or simply crave a companion that will be a little less common than a cat or dog. If you feel like a furry friend might not quite fit what you are looking for, read on for the top ten reasons that a bird would make a wonderful pet... Read more

Choosing the Best Snake for Beginners
Snakes are fascinating, and with regular handling can be quite tame. However, snakes are obviously not the right pets for everyone. They have unique requirements and should only be kept by those with the commitment to understand and meet their needs. If you are new to pet snakes, find out what you should consider before deciding on a pet snake, and what species are the best snakes for beginners... Read more
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Best Pet Fish for Beginners
Anyone who owns or operates a local fish store will frequently come into contact with customers (usually kids) who are new to the pet fish world. Their first question will invariably be: "What are the best fish for beginners?"... Read more
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Top Ten Reasons Ferrets Make Good Pets
While ferrets are not for everyone, they can make great pets for the right owner. They are affectionate and bond to their owners, and there are few pets as playful as ferrets (yet they are quiet for a large portion of the day). They seem to have garnered a negative image in some places, which is largely undeserved. Here's my list of reasons ferrets make good pets...Read more
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