Wednesday, September 25, 2013

About Travel: Eco-Trips

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From Kim Knox Beckius, your About Travel Editor
Greetings, Travelers! As autumn comes to New England, I'm reminded to slow down and admire nature's splendor. If it's been too long since you last escaped the urban jungle or suburban bustle, we'll take you to some of the planet's best places to appreciate nature anew. ~Kim

The Eden Project: Paradise on Earth
More than a mere tourist attraction, the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK, is as astonishing to visit as it is difficult to describe. More than one million plants thrive within its enormous "biomes," which replicate climates from around the globe. Step inside the largest tropical rainforest "in captivity," explore exotic outdoor gardens, spy colorful birds and insects and giant sculptures, and be awed by the diversity of life on earth.
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10 Eco-Tours in Puerto Rico
The island of Puerto Rico beckons to travelers who want to get back to the land, particularly those with a desire to rely on their own bodies for propulsion. From forest hikes to moonlit kayak trips across a bioluminescent bay, unforgettable eco-adventures await.
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A Cruise That May Change Your World View
The Upper Amazon River basin is still largely unpopulated and unexplored. Cruise the Peruvian section of the river from Iquitos on a small ship, and you will realize how important conserving this area is, not only to communities downstream... but to the rest of the world.
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Caves and Caverns to Visit in Italy
With more than 10,000 documented caves, Italy is one of the world's top destinations for spelunkers. You don't have to be an experienced cave explorer, though, to delve into some of these fascinating caverns, from those high in the mountains to grottoes in the sea.

More Eco-Trips Below

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