Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Consider Buying PCWT Before the Next Breakout

Our New Pick is PCWT

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PCWT is slowing trending higher but we expect this positive trend to accelerate in the coming days. Patient members that hold on to their shares could soon see a massive rally in the short-term.

In fact, we wouldn't be surprise to see PCWT test the 30 cents range this week and break over it early next week. Given that the float is still extremely low, any pressure on the upside could cause a buying frenzy.

We still feel PCWT could trade at $2-$3 per share in the near term based on the fact that:

1- The market cap is still very low compared to where we believe it should be. In fact, we feel short sellers have been artificially keeping down PCWT. This could change at any moment as they start covering their positions.

2- We expect the momentum to continue North and to accelerate as Wall Street starts uncovering this Company. Weeks from now, as we will still be covering PCWT, we expect the stock to trade at much higher levels.

3- 2 major announcements the company made indicates to us that investors could expect more clients to join PCWT in the near term.

If you missed the news from the company, Pacific Clean Water Tech Inc. recently announced that they were able to save almost 90M gallons of liter per year for BoltonHouse Farms and the E&J Gallo Winery. This amount of saved water is estimated to be worth over $135M. USD. To view the 2 most recent PRs click HERE.

PCWT's technology has the ability to save and recycle water in huge quantity and this in turn saves companies millions of dollar per year. By doing so, PCWT's revenue could quickly accelerate as more and more customers sign up with them. To learn more about the Company click HERE.

We expect more clients to jump on board...Could oil giants be the next list of customers?

As you might be aware, fracking is a common technique that oil companies use to uncover natural gas. The issue with that technology is it uses a large amount of water that is sometimes not recycled. With
PCWT's technology companies like Exxon, Encana, and BHP Bilton Limited could save hundreds of millions in costs.

We believe that PCWT could be in talk with various large oil companies to help them save hundreds of millions in water related costs.

Consider buying PCWT before the next breakout. We could see a rapid move to $2-3 in the coming weeks as more clients continue to sign with Pacific Clean Water Tech!

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