Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Daily Idea from Harvard Business Review

  Daily Idea - Harvard Business Review

September 25, 2013

Let's Flip the Script on How to Acquire Talent

Finding great talent — the right talent — can be a huge headache. Even more so for teams who are looking to bolster their innovation efforts. One reason is it's almost impossible to verify the true role someone played in a team's success. So perhaps we should flip the script of talent acquisition. What if there were a searchable database, a souped-up version of LinkedIn, that was organized around big innovations and business problems? That would useful. Team members — say, the group who invented the Swiffer — would identify themselves as such. Each person would then break down his or her role and responsibilities. That way, companies could search for the types of projects they have in mind, and then go from there — more a project-centric model than a people-centric model, in other words.

SOURCE: We Need a New Approach to Solve the Innovation Talent Gap by Eddie Yoon

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