Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Valuable gift enclosed - no strings attached

Dear Friend,

Mike Larson

I have asked our circulation department to give you a membership to Safe Money Report for just $1.

I know it’s outrageous. Normally, Safe Money Report is considered to be a bargain at $198 per year. But rising interest rates are creating such huge profit opportunities for you right now, I want to make sure that you do NOT miss them.

So I’m giving you all of my current market analysis, forecasts and investment recommendations for the princely sum of just $1.

You’re going to like what you see.

Roger W. of Carmel, CA says ...

“By using your recommendations, I have been able to generate more than enough monthly profits to maintain our standard of living.”

Arthur N. of St. Augustine, FL writes ...

“Your warnings of the market collapse helped me get out of those investments and into more profitable ones.”

And Don S. of Fenton, MO says ...

“You have helped me be a lot more confident with my investments. Please keep on teaching. It is a lot more fun making money than losing it.”

Why would anybody in his right
mind give away a $198 investment
newsletter for just $1?

I count seven reasons:

Reason #1: Interest rates have soared as much as 150% since May and they’re still rising.

Reason #2: Bernanke has already announced the Fed will soon phase out its bond-buying scheme. When it does, we could be looking at an interest rate explosion of historic proportions.

Reason #3: We’re harnessing this long-term megatrend with little-known investments that not only avoid losses when interest rates surge and bond prices plunge, they actually RISE in value.

Reason #4: My subscribers are taking profit after profit out of the fixed income and related markets as rates continue to rise.

Reason #5: In just the first six months of this year, these little-known investments could have made you up to 125% richer.

Reason #6: This move is only beginning. The greatest profit potential — by far — is still ahead.

Reason #7: A select group of investors are now receiving an investment recommendation that could change their lives — and I want you to have it, too!

For a single dollar, you get all this:

The next issue of Safe Money Report — which is going to tell you all about the shocking NEXT chapter in this interest rate story! A hint: Almost NO ONE on Wall Street expects this major rate surprise!
I believe it will strike unprepared investors like a ton of bricks. But it will also hand investors with foresight — investors like you — even more massive profit opportunities!

Plus, as in every 12-page issue, you’ll also get ...

My cover story with no-nonsense analysis and recommendations on the trends that I’m looking at to help you grow your wealth — whether it’s rising interest rates, surging gold and oil prices or anything else ...

PLUS the threats to your wealth I’m seeing on the horizon with practical, step-by-step help to protect yourself ...

Our Investments & Strategies section with my update on the stocks, ETFs and other investments I’ve recommended and more ...

Our Gold and Energy section to help you grab huge profit potential in the next phase of this great commodities super cycle ...

A comprehensive review of every investment I’ve recommended along with my current “buy,” “sell” and “hold” recommendation on each one ...

Professor Investor section in which I answer your most pressing investment questions now ...

And much more!

Most importantly, you get my current recommendations to help you profit from rising interest rates: Investments I strongly recommend that you buy immediately.

One specialized interest rate play has already racked up DOUBLE DIGIT gains this year ... even as the average highly-paid “expert” bond fund manager is LOSING you money month in and month out!
Another energy play just surged to an 18-month high, while a key gold investment is rising fast along with the yellow metal!

If interest rates rise as much as they did last time around, you could more than double your money with a separate investment I’m eyeing. Heck, even if they rise only half as much, you could walk away with a healthy 72% gain.

A Standing Ovation for Safe Money Report ...

Lee D. of Golden Beach, FL says ...

“Clear thinking free of baloney is your greatest strength.”

Mikael K. of Reykjavik, Iceland writes ...

“You are clear, sensible and balanced.

“Not only are you providing excellent information, analysis and recommendations, but you are also a constant help to your readers in trying to keep calm and sane in a volatile environment!”

And Susan D. of Albuquerque, NM says ...

“You helped me keep away from long-term bond funds and spared me a lot of pain and heartache!!

“I have the utmost respect for your opinion and expertise, Mike; you are my financial guru, and I thank you for your guidance and sense of always watching out for us.”

Plus, you also get my eye-opening special report
Windfall Profits from Surging Interest Rates.

You’ll discover why this great bond market collapse has only just begun and why it means soaring interest rates as far as the eye can see.

I also give you sage advice to help you protect yourself and profit ...

PLUS “bond alternative” stocks that pay better yields than bonds AND ALSO give you the potential for capital growth.

You’ll also discover ...

How to build a virtually impenetrable wall of protection around your fixed income portfolio ...

Three powerful ways to profit by steering clear of the bond market implosion altogether ...

One “bond alternative” Wall Street is pushing aggressively — but that you don’t want to touch with a ten-foot pole ...

The 286 best and worst stocks to own as interest rates rise ...

The ONE little-known corner of the bond market still worth considering ...

My “hit list” of 10 vulnerable mutual funds and 20 ETFs that could crush your portfolio as rates surge ...

And much more!

Normally, this report would sell for $79 — but it’s yours, FREE, just for accepting this special offer!

No strings attached
— but there IS method to my madness ...

My prime objective is to help you grab huge profit potential as interest rates rise.

But I also have an alternative motive:

Once you’ve seen how profitable Safe Money Report can be for you, I think I will have won a friend for life.

And that is CERTAINLY enough reason to make you this outrageous offer.

I have every reason to believe you’ll like what you see. After all — Jim P. of Wapakoneta, OH says ...

“We've been reading your reports for more than a decade.

“They are 'spot on,' and have mostly steered us around the many potholes that have popped up in this constantly changing economy.”

Mary H. of Phoenix, AZ writes ...

“I am extremely grateful for the work you do.

“The breadth and depth of your analysis keeps me from feeling that I am adrift in a chaotic economic sea.

“I appreciate ESPECIALLY the ethical code that you follow. Thank you.”

Just click this link to get your first issue of Safe Money Report, your free copy of Windfall Profits from Surging Interest Rates ... and your first investment recommendations. There really is no risk: If you decide not to continue with me, simply cancel ... keep everything you’ve received ... and owe nothing further.

But if you like what you see, do nothing. At the end of 30 days, your 30-day subscription will automatically convert to a one-year membership at just $49. That’s $149 below the regular one-year rate.

And even if you change your mind later on, you can cancel any time during your first year for a full refund, no questions asked.

I look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Best wishes,

Mike Larson
Editor, Safe Money Report

P.S. YOU SAVED ME A BUNDLE! — Jules B., Palm Harbor, FL:

“You predicted the downtrend of real estate far before anybody else; that helped me a lot in selling my apartment portfolio on time before the crisis set in.”

YOU HELP PROTECT MY CAPITAL! — Tuxk C., Melbourne, Australia:

“Thank you very much. You have done very well in helping me to protect my capital. Keep up the great job.”

The performance experienced by a subscriber as described in testimonials is not necessarily reflective of what you should expect to experience. Although Money and Markets, a Division of Weiss Research accepts the testimonials in good faith Money and Markets, a Division of Weiss Research has not independently examined the business records of any of the users and therefore has not verified any specific figures or results quoted therein. These results may not be typical, and your performance, if any, will vary depending upon many factors which include, but are not limited to, how closely you follow the recommendations, the price you paid / received, and commissions paid. There is also risk you will not make any money at all or could even lose money. In the event that a customer does not provide us with a usable picture or video/audio of themselves, the testimony presented are Actual Te! stimonials from our Customers but may be a represented by a stock photo or recorded by a third party. Testimonials may be edited for clarity or brevity. No one has been paid to share their stories.

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