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Press Ventures Inc. is a Biotech Play to Watch - Report inside

Our New Pick is PVEN
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Press Ventures Inc. (PVEN) is a company you want to put on your radar for a short term upswing.
In just the last few weeks, the company has made incredible progress to expand and grow rapidly.

If you haven't had a chance to look at
PVEN yet, now could be a great time to start your research before it starts gaining more momentum. The stock already bounced over 60% from today's low and we believe that the best is just around the corner.

If you haven't looked at the latest press release from the Company click HERE.

About Press Ventures (all below information can be found on the company's website)

Press Ventures holds the worldwide rights to the patented Cedar Leaf Oil Diffusion ("CLO-D") technology for the use of natural products to kill bacteria, mold, and viruses in buildings. The patented CLO-D technology has been shown to be capable of killing many deadly bacterial and viral substances such as anthrax and H1N1 in buildings while they are still occupied. The CLO-D technology has been laboratory and field tested and the Company believes that use of the technology can provide a marked improvement in air quality and eliminate many of the most dangerous airborne bacteria, viruses, and pollutants.

For additional information about CLO-D technology and Press Ventures, please visit:

Biosafety is the prevention of large-scale loss of biological integrity, focussing both on ecology and human health. In agriculture, Biosafety focuses on reducing the risk of alien viral contamination in an effort to reduce the risk of food bacterial contamination.

The Company's solutions represent the only viable replacement for the current toxic laden treatments, used extensively in the poultry, dairy, and beef agricultural sectors. Industry's adoption of CLO will represent a dramatic reduction is the use of PESTICIDES and agricultural ANTIBIOTICS which inevitably make their way into the food chain and thus, into human food consumption.

An understanding of this problem is what motivated PVEN's team to develop the patented cedar leaf oil (CLO) diffusion technology. They have already commenced work within the agriculture industry by providing technology that addresses viral, bacterial and mould threats within the industry's supply chain.

In 2009, the Avian Flu outbreak cost the poultry industry an estimated $1 Billion in North America alone. The Company is collaborating with a world renown Virologist and Pathologist towards the elimination of the threat of future outbreaks.

Laboratory and real world testing has already proven the patented science behind CLO-D and its effectiveness at protecting against well-known dangerous bacteria and viruses like H1N1, Avian Bird Flu, SARS, and Legionnaires Disease to name a few.

The company look forward to the successful conclusion of the new EPA testing process and direct access to the U.S. marketplace for the rollout of CLO-D biosafety systems across the entire country."

Due to the increased frequency, potential, and public awareness of global pandemics, virus outbreaks, and food bacteria deaths, the demand for a proven all-natural biosafety solution has never been greater. The Company believes that it now has the best natural and safe solution available to combat these global outbreaks which threaten the world's population.

The global market for virus and bacteria security is estimated to be valued at over $50 billion annually. North America constitutes the largest share of the infection control market, followed by Europe, Asia, and South America.


Keep track of PVEN in the coming days and weeks, this could be the beginning of something huge!

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