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11 Shocking Forecasts for 2014

Free enrollment is now open for our gala year-end briefing
11 Startling Forecasts for 2014

To prepare you for the pivotal year of 2014 — announcing the most critically important event Money and Markets has ever hosted:

  TWO DAYS of forecasts and investment recommendations from Dr. Weiss and ALL of our Money and Markets editors ...

  PLUS our special keynote speaker — legendary economist ARTHUR LAFFER — the father of supply side economics ...

  And time for you to ask our experts anything you like ...


Registering now is the ONLY way to attend live and ask your questions — but registration CLOSES on Monday, December 2:

Click this link to reserve your place at this all-important briefing while there's still time!

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Be sure to mark your calendar NOW:

11 Startling Forecasts for 2014

LIVE online streaming video conference

Time and Dates:
Tuesday, December 3-Wednesday, December 4

Sessions begin at 9:00 AM Eastern Time

FREE to Money and Markets readers:

This is the ONE investment briefing
you simply can't afford to miss:

There's no question that 2014 is shaping up to be THE critical year of all years for your savings, investments and retirement nest egg.

The impact of Obamacare ... the end of Fed money printing ... soaring interest rates ... plunging bond prices ... endless threats of government shutdowns ... intensifying threats of violence and war overseas ...

Any ONE of these crises could easily crush the economy and stock market in the year ahead.

Equally important, any ONE of these megatrends could send select investments skyrocketing higher, generating huge profits for you.

The only critical questions that remain are ...

What should you be doing right now — BEFORE the new year begins — to protect your family and your wealth?

What's the best way to position yourself for massive profits as these megatrends unfold in 2014?

The answers await you at our year-end briefing,
11 Startling Forecasts for 2014!

You'll get two days of critical warnings, forecasts and investment recommendations for the year ahead from ...


Founder of Weiss Research, Weiss Ratings and Money and Markets, Dr. Martin D. Weiss ...

Our banking and interest rate specialist, Mike Larson ...

Our precious metals and natural resource expert, Larry Edelson ...

Our "Washington Watcher" Charles Goyette ...

Plus investment guides JR Crooks ... Bill Hall ... Douglas Davenport ... Don Lucek ... and Mike Burnick.

You'll also meet a chief architect of Reaganomics,
ARTHUR LAFFER — up close and personal!

Text Box: PIC:  ARTHUR LAFFERYou've seen him regularly on in The Wall Street Journal ... on CNBC ... Fox News ... the Fox Business Channel ... and in other major media from coast to coast.

Now, you have the chance to meet Arthur Laffer and ask him YOUR questions!

Mr. Laffer is a legend in economic circles. As a key member of Ronald Reagan's Economic Policy Advisory Board, Arthur is best known as "The Father of Supply Side Economics" and for "The Laffer Curve" — a graph he once drew on a cocktail napkin to illustrate the fact that lower tax rates create greater economic growth and lower government deficits.

Dr. Laffer also advised Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on fiscal policy in the United Kingdom during the 1980s.

Dr. Laffer is a founding member of the Congressional Policy Advisory Board, a select group of advisors who assist in shaping legislative policies for the 105th, 106th and 107th United States Congress.

He is also the distinguished author of many books and articles on economics, taxes and investing and is Policy Co-Chairman with Larry Kudlow of the Free Enterprise Fund.

And not only will you get Dr. Laffer's candid (and quite surprising) forecasts for the year ahead, you'll be able to ask him anything you like!

One good idea from this briefing
could make you (or save you) a bundle in 2014 ...

Your cost: Free!

Please remember: The ONLY way you'll have the chance to attend live and to get YOUR questions answered is to register immediately.

Simply click this link to reserve your place now!


Jennifer Amos
Vice President, Money and Markets

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