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$35,241 in 6 days or less. Get my next trades.

Top 10 Trades Deliver $35,241 in Profits In 6 Days or Less!  
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Fellow Investor,

The economic and market uncertainty over the past few years have made traditional buy-and-hold investing a challenge. Despite that, there’s still a sweet spot in the market that’s delivering profits day in and day out.

What’s the sweet spot? Trading options. This is hands down still one of the most effective money-making tools out there right now.

Just check out how a $10,000 ‘bet’ in this handful of trades could have fattened your wallet over the past 7 weeks alone:

  • A $6,364 profit on Verizon Calls (VZ) — in 4 trading days
  • A $4,400 profit on Walgreens Calls (WAG) — in 3 trading days
  • A $4,207 profit on United Technologies Calls (UTX) — in 4 trading days
  • A $4,085 profit on Constellation Brands Calls (STZ) — in 3 trading days
  • A $3,534 profit on Proctor & Gamble Calls (PG) — in 6 trading days
  • A $2,976 profit on Altera Puts (ALTR) in 24 HOURS ONLY!
  • A $2,679 profit on Johnson & Johnson Calls (JNJ) in 24 HOURS ONLY!
  • A $2,387 profit on Qualcomm Puts (QCOM) — in 3 trading days
  • A $2,351 profit on Proctor & Gamble Calls (PG) AGAIN — in 3 trading days
  • A $2,258 profit on Abercrombie & Fitch Puts (ANF) in 24 HOURS ONLY!

Imagine, if all you did was invest in this handful of trades, you’d be $35,241 RICHER in the past 7 weeks alone!

Think this is by chance, not at all. The key to our performance is two-fold: 1) my flexible trading strategy allows us to move into trades where individual catalysts are strong, rather than investing based on macro-economic factors, and 2) our eagle-eye approach to taking quick profits as soon as a trade shows signs of vulnerability (recently that has meant holding trades for a matter of hours to a few days as you can see).

My research has uncovered another wave of strong catalysts shaping up to match — and hopefully exceed — these big winners.

Please Note: You don’t have to be a professional  trader to successful trade options. I’m don’t use complex options strategies that require extensive experience to execute because I just don’t need them. I use simple puts and calls to help you manage volatility and downside risk.

Guess Who's Got a Hot Hand?

Before I reveal more about why the next 90 days could be my most lucrative session yet, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Hilary Kramer. Maybe you’ve heard of me.

I have an MBA from Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania… launched my Wall Street career more than two decades ago at Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley… and was a successful investment banker and hedge fund manager.

I’ve contributed to the Wall Street Journal, New York Post, and Bloomberg. I’m a regular on CNBC, CNN, and Fox News — providing stock market insights.

But forget all that.

I want you to focus on exactly where I stand — TODAY. Let me ask you a sensitive question…

How have your Top 10 stocks performed since June 2011 — the month I officially launched my High Octane Trader advisory?

OK, I’ll go first. My publisher just handed me my Top 10 so far:

Cha-Ching! How Does an EXTRA $127,000 In the Bank Sound?

Trade Buy Date Buy Price Sold Price Sold Date Return Days Held*
TPX April $90 Puts
6.64 22.80 4/20/12 243.4% 24
EBAY May $34 Calls
2.89 7.45 4/19/12 157.8% 9
GOOG Aug 500 calls
37.00 94.10 7/15/11 154.3% 1
REGN March $90 Calls
10.50 24.30 2/13/12 131.4% 7
RAX May $55 Puts
2.40 5.10 5/8/12 112.5% 13
GS Feb. $95 calls
6.60 13.30 1/19/12 101.5% 9
CMG Jan. $350 puts
7.30 14.70 1/9/12 101.4% 4
REGN May $130 Calls
7.30 14.00 4/26/12 91.8% 6
IBM Nov. $195 puts
9.55 18.15 10/18/11 90.1% 4
BRCM March $34 calls
2.06 3.90 2/1/12 89.3% 2
Top 10 Average Return:
Your PROFIT if you invested $10,000 in each Trade:

See that last line? If you were lucky enough to plunk down $10,000 on each, your portfolio balance would be $127,000 BIGGER right now.

I don’t know about you. But most hard-pressed Americans can only dream about a payday this size.

Especially when I was in — and OUT — of the lion’s share within 5-10 trading days.

image: “One-woman Financial Powerhouse” — Financial TimesHold on, it gets better. Amazingly, I’ve banked 8 out of 10 of my top-ten trades in 2012. Since January 1, 2013, I’ve closed out 66 winning trades for an average gain of 29.6%!

And that’s before my options trading strategy begins uncovering a BRAND NEW round of killer trades.

Now let me tell you about another factor that has the potential to really fuel our performance this year.

The BIGGEST Corporate
“War Chest” the
World Has Ever Seen!

M&A activity is of particular interest to low-priced stock investors like me (and you, I presume) now that we’re in one of the strongest seasons for takeover activity.

Let me explain why.

Companies have stockpiles of cash that they put toward business expansions, stock buy-backs, dividend increases, or, you guessed it — M&A activity. In an economic environment that makes it difficult to grow organically, many companies will use their piles of cash to go out and buy growth.

It would not surprise me at all if a few of our High Octane trades benefit from takeover offers in the coming months.

“Mega-Mergers See Comeback as Uncertainty of Crisis Fades” … New York Times

This is the Exact Moment
I’ve Been Waiting For

The time is finally right for cash-rich companies to start spending, with mergers and acquisitions a likely target.

Just look at some of the big (but awfully quiet) deals that closed out 2012: WellPoint buying Amerigroup for $4.46 billion, Campbell Soup acquiring Bolthouse Farms for $1.55 billion, and Intel spending more than $4 billion to buy up to 15% of ASML.

I expect mega-merger activity to continue right through the end of the year and into 2014 now that the gloves are off. Valuations are especially reasonable right now … interest rates are low… and corporations have a MOUNTAIN OF CASH sitting on the sidelines.

No wonder the Wall Street Journal reported on a growing phenomenon…

U.S. companies are holding more cash in the bank than at any point on record.

And as Reuters’ David Cay Johnston recently pointed out, American companies may be hoarding more cash than most of us had previously realized … about $5 trillion worth.

Join Now!That’s bigger than the GDP of Germany!

How about Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL), the greatest cash-generating company the world has ever seen. They saw their cash pile grow from $98 billion in the first quarter of 2012… to $110 billion in the second, and finally a whopping $117 billion in its latest quarterly report.

Other companies with billions of spare cash?

They include Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT), Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO), Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG), Oracle Corp. (Nasdaq: ORCL), International Business Machines Corp.(NYSE: IBM), Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE), Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX), Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE: XOM) and Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE: BRK.B).

You have less than 48 Hours to Position Yourself for one
of the Greatest M&A Rallies You May Ever Witness

It’s not my style to hide anything.

I already showed you my Top 10 Winners earlier in this letter. You may be wondering about how I’ve done outside of these Hall of Fame trades.

My pleasure!

Take a peek at 50 more big, BIG wins in the 40% - 85% range. I’ve been scoring these on a “day in, day out” basis since launching the newsletter in June 2011…

Trade Close Date Return
OXY Nov. 75 Calls 10/28/11 87.33%
MCHP Oct. 35 Puts 9/22/11 82.35%
ORCL January $33 Calls 01/02/13 79.55%
CTXS October $82.50 Puts 9/24/12 69.05%
VLO July $21 Calls 6/20/12 67.79%
RAX July $50 Puts 6/13/12 66.17%
VZ Nov. $47 Calls 10/21/13 63.64%
AAPL January $510 Calls 01/02/13 59.29%
MNST September $62.50 Puts 9/5/12 58.54%
MOS March $57.50 Calls 2/22/12 55.75%
GE Jan. 17.50 Calls 1/3/12 55.71%
RAX April $55 Puts 3/6/12 55.26%
XOM July $85 Puts 6/25/12 53.97%
CMI Oct. 82.50 Calls 9/27/11 52.94%
CMG Dec. 340 Puts 11/17/11 51.78%
AMZN August $200 Calls 7/27/12 51.44%
MS October $15 Calls 9/6/12 51.40%
DHR Jan. $46 Calls 12/20/11 51.18%
F Dec. 9 Calls 12/1/11 50.00%
F Feb. $12 Calls 1/17/12 50.00%
JPM August $32 Calls 7/13/12 49.83%
OXY March $100 Calls 2/28/12 49.24%
GS June $145 Calls 5/8/13 48.11%
JPM June $50 Calls 5/22/13 40.58%
XHB March $29 Puts 02/21/13 47.50%
Trade Close Date Return
ProShares QQQ Jan. $44 Calls 12/14/11 47.46%
GE Oct. 14 Calls 9/15/11 47.13%
DVN March $60 Puts 02/20/13 47.08%
XRT May $65 Puts 4/11/12 46.75%
AMZN June $230 Puts 5/8/12 46.39%
QLD Oct. 80 Calls 9/27/11 45.24%
QID May $29 Calls 4/16/12 45.09%
TBT March 18 Calls 3/1/12 44.71%
FDX Feb. $90 Calls 1/19/12 43.33%
WAG Oct. $50 Calls 9/16/13 44.00%
XLE July $80 Puts 6/24/13 48.13%
HD August $82.50 Puts 7/25/13 52.25%
CTXS March $77.50 Puts 2/23/12 42.37%
MCD July $82.50 Calls 6/19/12 41.35%
MS Jan. $15 Calls 1/19/12 40.97%
SNE January $10 Calls 01/03/13 40.91%
TBT September $13 Calls 8/7/12 39.66%
ORCL January $33 Calls 1/2/13 79.55%
AAPL January $510 Calls 1/2/13 59.29%
XHB March $29 Puts 2/21/13 47.50%
DVN March $60 Puts 2/20/13 47.08%
GS May $145 Calls 4/20/13 46.60%
DOV May $75 Puts 4/15/13 42.86%
SNE January $10 Calls 1/3/13 40.91%
OXY May $77.50 Calls 4/24/13 43.03%

Incredible right?

Here’s the best part…

I booked all these gains before today — before the M&A Blitz is in full swing and hands us our best chance for super-quick profits this year.

Let me make one thing crystal clear before you pull the trigger…

This high-contact trading service is designed for active investors who are interested in short-term gains… who are willing to trade several times a week. Sound like you?

Sometimes plain vanilla stocks, but often “put” and “call” options to AMPLIFY our gains. (Don’t worry if you’re not an experienced options trader yet… I’ll have you up and running within one week.)

Mind you, I didn’t say “day trading” — but I do issue multiple alerts each week. How many you choose to trigger is entirely up to you.

“I’ll take this ‘Kramer’ over the other ‘Cramer’ any day!”
Schmeike R.S., Silver Spring MD

“Following is my performance after my first 2 and ½ weeks as a member following Hilary’s advice:

FCX +27% TBT +40% AAPL +21% DFS* +68% FDX +33% HOV* +15% GS* +85% XOM -7% WFM +3% TBT +23%
AMZN +0%”

Thanks Hilary!!

Imagine Lightning Fast Profits of
25%, 35%, 40%, even 68%—
in Exchange for a 100% Refundable Investment

Normally High Octane Trader costs $3,995 for a 12-month membership. That itself is a bargain, when you look at the gains I’ve been churning out for my members.

But luckily for you, that’s not what you pay. Not even close.

Today I can offer you a special, knock-down new-member’s price of only $499 for three months.

I’m ONLY doing this so you can experience the raging power of the M&A Blitz…

So please don’t hesitate. Begin enjoying all thisin just 2 minutes:

  • Lightning fast profits in as little as 24 hours. And not piddling 5% or 10% gains — I’m talking 25%...35%…40%…even 68% treasure troves!
  • Upside… downside… or flat-line gains — Get ready to milk moves in all kinds of markets and specific stocks. Stocks, options, ETFs and more. It’s a lot easier than you might think!
  • Multiple alerts each and every week. Starting the minute you accept a trial subscription, you’ll begin receiving my VIP e-alerts with timely buy and sell instructions. Plus, every Monday you get my weekly forecast for the week ahead.
  • Full 24/7 access to our exclusive ‘members only’ High Octane Trader website, jam packed with my latest analysis, advice and recommendations.
  • Options 101 University — No problem if you’ve never traded options before. Go here the minute you join to access your FREE reports like: “6 Options Trading Mistakes to Avoid” and “10 Busted Myths of Options Trading”.

Your FREE M&A Blitz Special Report worth $129 —
My ‘Thank You’ for Signing up Today

Hold on, there’s more.

EXTRA FREE GIFTWhen you respond today, as an extra incentive, I’ll rush you my complete dossier on FIVE companies whose shares are primed to ‘pop’ from the M&A Blitz.

Hot off the presses, it’s called “BULLS EYE: My Top 5 Takeover Targets for 2013.”

This Intelligence Briefing is yours absolutely FREE — simply for responding today.

This list price is $129, so you’ve already scored a major bargain by getting it FREE.

Better yet, you can keep it, with my compliments, even if you decide later on that membership is not for you after all.

But hold on. There’s one more thing you need to know …

Okay, Here’s the Kicker…
My 90-Day ‘Every-Penny-Back’ Guarantee

I honestly hope you can visualize the massive M&A profits potential. There’s no reason to hesitate before you hit the ‘Yes, I’m In’ button below.

Let me make it a no-brainer …

I’ll give you valuable insurance in the form of a 90-Day Every-Penny-Back Guarantee.

Take 90 FULL DAYS to ‘test drive’ High Octane Trader… to kick the tires and make sure you like what you see.

If after 90 days I haven’t helped you to double your money … so you have a bare minimum of $2,000 EXTRA CASH that wasn’t in your wallet before you signed up…

Simply give a call and I’ll ensure you are refunded every penny of your subscription. Right then and there. No ifs, ands or buts.

It rarely happens that a reader cancels, but I want you to know I’m 100% committed to making you PERMANENTLY RICHER — beginning right now.

So what are you waiting for? Start cashing in on the M&A Blitz right now!

Yes, I’m in!

Welcome aboard,

Signed- Hilary Kramer
Hilary Kramer
Editor, High Octane Trader

P.S. This is a very ‘limited time’ offer. Three months from now, you’ll have missed the most explosive M&A Surge of our lifetime! In the meantime, I have a boatload of trades primed for a significant jump — no matter what the market does. Any one of these could give you a $2,000 ‘High Octane check’ before the M&A Blitz is over!

Lock in your Special Savings now … all spots could be gone within 48 hours.

High Octane Trader
Your Exclusive, 90-Day Every-Penny-Back Guarantee:

No, I cannot promise you’ll reap windfall profits on each trade since all investments carry a certain level of risk. But I DO stand behind this guarantee:

You will be 100% satisfied with the results we achieve together. If you have any doubt whatsoever, you can cancel your membership within 90 days for a refund of every penny you paid for your subscription … and you can keep your free gift with my compliments.

See what I mean? You have absolutely nothing to lose.


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