Tuesday, November 19, 2013

About Auto & Wheels: The Ugliest Cars

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From Jonathan Lamas, your About Auto & Wheels Editor
In the past few weeks we've talked about the scariest cars out there as well as the worst cars ever produced. So what about the ugliest cars? Wow, we're on a roll here!

Ugliest Cars of the Last Five Decades
Some cars are head turners for all the wrong reasons. You know what I'm talking about, cars that make you wonder "What were they thinking?" Well, this week we'll take a look at the ugliest cars of the last five decades. These design disasters definitely left an impression in the world of automotive design.
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My Car Won't Start: Now What?
Okay, your car won't start. Now what? Well, there's a number of reasons why your engine might not be turning over. This week our Auto Repair expert, Matthew Wright, takes a look at some common reasons behind a car that won't start. Things like a dead battery, a broken fuse, and a bad starter connection.
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10 Ways to Avoid Looking Like a Squid
In the world of motorcycling, a "squid" is referred to as someone who overestimates their abilities on a motorcycle. You know, the guy or gal who boasts of their riding skills when in reality they have none. Sounds dangerous right? Well, as they say, stupid hurts, and stupid while motorcycling is no exception.

New Cars No Longer Being Produced in 2014
In the past year, a few companies have axed more than a few cars. These orphaned vehicles, cars that are sold on used car lots but no longer sold as new cars to the public, aren't necessarily damaged goods. In fact, some might be a pretty good deal. Our Used Cars expert, Keith Griffin, takes a look at 8 cars no longer being produced as of the 2014 model year. We're talking about cars that you might want to consider buying.

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