Wednesday, November 20, 2013

About Beauty: What Bob Hairstyle Best Suits Your Face Shape?

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From Julyne Derrick, your Guide to Beauty
Bobs are classic hairstyles that will never go out of style. But a bob that looks good on a square face won't necessarily look good on a round face. Find out what bobs best suit you. Also this week: Best foundations for older women, the difference between teen and adult acne (there is a big difference, trust me) and a snarky peek at Kate Middleton's bad hairstyle.


What Bob Hairstyle Would Best Suit Your Face Shape?
If you're considering a bob hairstyle, which is a classic cut that never goes out of style, you might consider your face shape first. Keira Knightley, pictured here,... Read more

Aging Skin? How to Pick Your Perfect Foundation
Skin after age 50 is simply not the same as it was at 30. Your once-oily skin may have turned dry in the past 20 years and you may have... Read more

Teen Acne vs. Adult Acne: What's the Difference?
Your skin at 13 is very different from your skin at 30. As teenagers, our skin is relatively thick. As we age, our skin thins out and becomes more sensitive... Read more

Kate Middleton's Bad Middle Part
It's extremely rare that Kate Middleton (er, the Duchess of Cambridge) steps out looking not-so-great, but she did last week. Find out why I didn't care for her look... Read more

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