Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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From Emily Faherty, your About Books & Literature Editor
Looking for some ideas about what to read next? Or maybe some books to add to a holiday wish list? Then you've come to the right place. Here's a small taste of what our Books and Literature Experts have been writing about lately. After Thanksgiving, we'll give you an even bigger helping of gift ideas for your favorite readers.

Book Club Discussions for 'The Lowland'
Many of our Experts loved The Lowland this fall, the second novel from award-winning author Jhumpa Lahiri. Our Bestsellers Expert just suggested these book club discussion questions, so your group gets the most out of the story of two brothers growing up (and growing apart) in India.
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Review: 'The Good Lord Bird'
The team on our Contemporary Literature site just published a review of James McBride's The Good Lord Bird. The reviewer says the historical novel, which follows abolitionist John Brown through the last half of the 1850s, has great character development that makes the "novel something far greater than its story and a fine addition to the canon of American historical fiction."
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Flannery O'Connor's 'Good Country People' Analysis
I loved reading this short story in high school, so I was happy to dive into our Short Stories Expert's article on the use of clichés in Good Country People by Flannery O'Connor. It took me right back to senior year English class! Here are a few more analyses of short stories to check out:
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Review: 'Where the Mountain Meets the Moon'
Finally, our Children's Book Expert featured a new review of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin. According to the reviewer, the award-winning book for ages 8-12 is a magical and fantastical journey and "colorful literary tapestry." Want more fantasy books for younger readers? Here are some of our favorites:

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