Wednesday, November 20, 2013

About Computers: Is Your Apple Laptop Secure?

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From Paul Gil, your About Computers Editor
An Apple MacBook is no small investment; these laptops can cost nearly $3000 by the time you bring one home. If you're the proud owner of an Apple MacBook, then definitely consider the security suggestions in our newsletter below.

5 Security Tips to Make Your MacBook a Mobile Fort Knox
MacBooks are extremely popular. Which also means that they are a popular target for laptop thieves and digital intruders. If you are a MacBook owner, then heed this advice: here are 5 things you can do to lock your MacBook down...
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The Thugs of the World Wide Web
Yes, unsavory people are everywhere on the Web. These people will sucker you into embarrassing yourself, convince you to trust them with your passwords, infect your machine with viruses, cause you emotional grief, and even make you feel personally attacked and threatened. Here is your Warning List of the Top Thugs of the World Wide Web...
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Are Wireless Networks Truly Secure?
No. Because the signals are transmitted through the air, wireless networking makes a very a desirable target for hackers. 'Wardriving', for example, is the practice of driving around neighborhoods looking for unsecured wifi. has more on wireless insecurities here...
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'ESET' to Secure Your Android Mobile Device
ESET is an excellent security tool for Android users. ESET defends against viruses, phishing attacks, and physical theft. ESET also does call filtering. has more on this Android security software here...

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