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About Europe Travel: Slow Travel in a Small Country

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Planning a spring vacation? We're targetting March of 2014. If you're thinking of riding the rails, Rail Europe is running some specials you should know about: Special Offers.


Trekking Luxembourg--Slow Travel in a Small Country
Want to amble across the hidden Europe without luggage, trekking from hotel to hotel through verdant forest and castled grasslands, anticipating a gourmet meal when you get to your next destination? Yeah, you can take an expensive tour, but for way less money you can take advantage of an offer from select Luxembourg hotels: drivers will pick you up at the train station, ferry your luggage, pack you a lunch and more... Read more
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Lyon, France Travel Guide
The gastronomic capital of France has a lot going for it, some in miniature... Read more
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Hadrian's Villa Reborn
Hadrian's Villa, a very interesting spot chosen by the emperor Hadrian for his sprawling palace complex where at the end of his life he conducted state affairs, has been virtualized, rebuilt without mortar so we can understand more about the ancient structure found outside of Rome near the interesting town of Tivoli... Read more
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Cooking Classes in a Palace
As corporate America completes its domination of the American food chain, flooding it with unlabeled mysteries, salmonella, and drug resistant bacteria, some folks develop a desire to go where they they don't have to cook a chicken for 5 hours at 400 degrees Fahrenheit before safely consuming it... Read more
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