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About Gardening: Holiday Appetite

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From Marie Iannotti, your Guide to Gardening

What is it about the colors of fall that make me so hungry? Maybe it's because everything reminds me of the harvest or of the holidays. Even the cut flowers on display now make me think of butternut squash soup or roasted vegetables.

Well I'll try and control myself, because it is the season for getting and giving fresh flower arrangements and I don't want to be caught munching the centerpiece. Here's some advice for finding flowers that will last. Don't forget to check out the homemade flower preservatives. Selecting and Caring for Cut Flowers

Gardening Tip of the Week

Wintering Over in Garage: Have a part of my garage partitioned off that has a great Western exposure so quite a bit of light available. And the use of Styrofoam containers works for storing tender bulbs...nestle bulbs into dry perlite or similar materials and check once a month. I have a 6 y/o Jasmine vine surviving here in Zone 4. --Submitted by Debbie

Thank you to everyone who has shared a tip. Keep them coming!

Photo Challenge: We're down to the wire here; time to get your photos in for our Fall Color Photo Challenge. I hope there are more leaves on the trees in your yard than I'm seeing in mine.

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Top Garden Blunders

As the garden catalogs start popping up in our mailboxes and we start losing our resolve to not over do it again next year (ahem), now is a good time to get some perspective on how to keep order in the garden. Hint: beware free plants, like goutweed. 

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Forcing Bulbs to Bloom

If you didn't get all your bulbs planted this fall, or if you're just impatient for spring, now is the time to think about forcing some bulbs into bloom. It's easy enough to do, but timing is everything.

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Why Didn't My Flowers Bloom?

Hydrangeas are notorious for not blooming, but they are hardly alone. With hydrangeas, it's usually because they were pruned at the wrong time, but there are other reasons flowers don't bloom and most can be avoided.

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Over the Garden Gate

I love when someone in the forum asks a question I've never thought of. This week it's got me wondering how many people bought a hydrangea bred to be blue - no matter where it's grown - and then decided they wanted pink, after all. Have you tried altering their colors?

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