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It looks like winter may come after all.  I've finally gotten my fall clean-up finished and in my notes for next year, I've reminded myself not to go overboard. Somehow I doubt I'll stick to that resolution.

However one way I can squeeze in more plants than my square footage should allow is with companion plants. It's a win-win gardening technique. I get extra plants and the plants help each other out with pest control or a growing advantage. I plan to tuck blue borage flowers throughout my beds, to attract more pollinators - and because I love blue lowers. Here are a few of the companion ideas I've collected over the years:

Gardening Tip of the Week

Eggshells During Winter: We save them and let them dry. After the long winter we put them in our food processor or vita mix and they are ground to a powder. We sprinkle it over the ground before planting and till it in. Boy what beautiful healthy plants. --Submitted by toots62001

Thank you to everyone who has shared a tip. Keep them coming!

I hope you all had a beautiful fall. It is such a stunning season and, like spring, all too brief. Our Fall Color Photo Challenge is drawing to a close. Don't forget to get your photos posted - and take another look at all the lovely scenes others have shared.

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What is Coir?

Every gardener has a frugal streak. We turn weeds into fertilizer and broken tools into stakes. Nothing goes to waste. Coir is a by-product of coconut processing. It's still a little pricy, but it could someday become even more common than peat.

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When to Cut Back Clematis

Truthfully, it's hard to kill a plant by pruning it at the wrong time and it can get annoyingly complicated trying to figure out the ideal time to do it. Still, pruning can mean the difference between profuse blooms and sparse. Clematis can be fussy or forgiving, so it's worth experimenting to get the best results.

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Why are My Houseplant Leaves Dripping?

It can be really difficult to make plants happy indoors, especially when the heat is on. Sunlight, humidity, forgetting to water, over-watering... there's no end to the drama. Have you ever noticed them dripping from the leaf tips? Don't worry, they're not crying for help. 

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Over the Garden Gate
The forum always gets a little quiet, as the holidays approach, but this week we had some unusual questions. I guess the mild fall has us all working outdoors as long as we can. Do you have any wisdom to pass along to these gardeners?

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