Monday, November 18, 2013

About Healthy Monday: Cope With Holiday Stressors

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From Elizabeth Scott, M.S., your About Healthy Monday Editor
The holiday season, from before Thanksgiving to New Year's Day, provides us with restorative opportunities to connect with loved ones and revel in gratitude, love, and hope for the future, things we may look forward to all year. Ironically, the very things that make the season special--trips to see extended families, large meals, and lots and lots of parties--can also create a lot of stress, which can negatively affect our health and happiness. (This stress can also affect our sleep and eating habits, and poor sleep and eating habits can create more stress!) This Monday, and for the weeks following it, we encourage you to make a few plans to keep your holiday stress levels low,and truly enjoy Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season. The resources below can help! --Elizabeth Scott

Holiday Stressors And How To Manage Them
Certain aspects of the holiday season cause stress for most people, even if they love the holidays themselves. Awareness of what might cause stress can help you to manage and even prevent it. Here are some of the most common stressors of the holiday season, and resources for managing them, from yours truly,'s stress management expert. Read more
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More Strategies For Holiday Stress Relief
Setting boundaries on your schedule, finding relaxation techniques that work for yo, and limiting time with stressful people are all strategies that can work for those who tend to feel panicked by holiday stress, as well as for those who feel less intense forms of stress. Here are some great tips from Katharina Star, Ph.D.,'s expert in panic disorder. Read more
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Thanksgiving Dinner, Simplified!
How can you reduce some of the stress of Thanksgiving dinner if you're hosting? Here are some simple strategies from Phylameana lila Desy,'s expert in holistic healing. Read more
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How to Eat Low Fat at Someone Else's Thanksgiving Dinner
When we're trying to eat well for the holidays, it's difficult when we are guests as someone else's feast. Here are some strategies for maintaining healthy eating habits without offending your host, from Fiona Haynes,'s low fat cooking expert. Read more

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