Wednesday, November 20, 2013

About Home: Winterize Your Home Before the Holidays Start

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From Diane Schmidt, your About Home Editor
The holiday period is approaching so fast that I can barely keep up with all the stuff I need to do before presents have to be bought and wrapped, cookies made and trees decorated. And with only a couple of weeks left before the craziness starts, I'm making a list of all the practical things we still need to do to get our home ready for the winter months - things we need to do now or they'll never get done, like preparing plants, making sure our car is winterized and that our home's pipes don't freeze.

How to Over-Winter Plants
It's always sad when the summer garden starts to fade, the leaves start to wither and the flowers shrivel and drop. I used to think that that was it - that my garden was lost to the cold and snow. But then I saw this guide to over-wintering non-hardy plants and knew that I could save even the most fragile stocks. Now I can look forward to seeing my summer garden bloom again next year.
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Winter Auto Maintenance Checklist
It seems that our car is the last on our list of things to do before the cold hits even though we tend to use it more in the winter months. This year I'm determined to get our car ready so we can feel safe and secure knowing that everything on this checklist has been checked and rechecked .

Checklist To Winterize Plumbing In Your Home
Here's another essential checklist for your home that will help ensure nothing bad happens to your pipes and water system while you're away visiting family and friends over the holidays. It's a simple and easy list that provides details on how to keep your home's plumbing system from freezing even when the temperatures drop.

Winter Horse and Pony Care Tips
For those of you who are lucky enough to have a horse or pony in your life, these tips on how to care for your equine during the cold winter months are essential to your horse's happiness, health and well-being.
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