Monday, November 18, 2013

About International Investing: Comparing the Performance of Global Growth vs. Value Funds

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From Justin Kuepper, your Guide to International Investing
International markets were mixed this week, led by the Japanese Nikkei 225 and lagged by the British FTSE 100. The U.S. Federal Reserve's decision to continue quantitative easing, however, boosted global equity valuations, even as U.S. and Eurozone economies continue to struggle.

Comparing the Performance of Global Growth vs. Value Funds
Growth and value investors may seem like opposites, but their performance has been roughly the same over the past 12 months. The iShares MSCI EAFE Value Index (NYSE: EFV) and... Read more

S&P 500 Sector Rotation Remains Mixed
Most business cycles involve relatively clear stages, including growth, peak, recession, trough, and recovery. But, the most recent business cycle has caused a bit of a stir, resulting in nearly... Read more

South Korea ETF Outperforms as Exports Surge
The U.S. and eurozone recoveries helped boost South Korea's exports by 7.3% to a record $50.5 billion in October, while its trade surplus reached $4.89 billion. According to United Press... Read more

What Happens Without the Bernanke Put?
Put options provide investors with the right to sell their stock at a given price and time on or before a certain date in the future. Since the days of... Read more

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