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About Las Vegas Travel: Thanksgiving in Las Vegas

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From Zeke Quezada, your Guide to Las Vegas Travel
Thanksgiving dinner

This is how Thanksgiving will go down. My son will want the large turkey leg only to not finish even half of it. My wife will eat so much she'll get a little punchy when it's time for clean-up. She'll be a bit curt with my mom because she does not want to hear the stories that are told every year about how my mother once made a pie from scratch. Once. My father -in-law has been bringing his girlfriend and my mother-in-law will reminisce about their first Thanksgiving. The entire time I'll hide a good bottle of wine in the kitchen and serve my family the stuff they brought last year.  Meanwhile, my divorced neighbor will just so happen to show up right before dinner and stay until dessert and spend the entire time telling us he really has to leave. There is a pretty good chance that at least one kid will spill a drink and one adult will drink too much.

I love family time!

Each year at Thanksgiving I argue with my my wife, my mother-in-law, my mother and myself about where we will be eating. I don't usually win but I do eventually try a few other places when I go out to get some cranberries or whipped cream. Don't do it to yourself, head to Las Vegas and let someone else do the cooking and the cleaning. Have a big Thanksgiving dinner and then find a slot machine and take a nap as the free drinks stack up beside you...Continue Reading


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