Monday, November 25, 2013

About Quilting: 5 Common Quilting Errors You Don't Have to Make

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From Janet Wickell, your Guide to Quilting

5 Common Quilting Errors You Don't Have to Make

Making quilts isn't about a single skill or technique. The final outcome depends on how everything about the process meshes together to create the finished project. Sure, you'll encounter more than five elements each time you make a quilt, but there are indeed 5 common errors you don't have to make.

Mary Jane's Puff Quilts
Do you want to make a super comfy baby quilt? Try Mary Jane's puff quilting technique (and make the dimensions a bit larger for the grown up babies on your holiday list).

Mystery Medallion Quilt Pattern
quiltingThis medallion quilt was written as a mystery -- not one of our 'big event' mysteries, just a pattern I decided to write in that way. But it's complete, and you can practice your mystery skills by taking it one page at a time -- or peek ahead to see the end result before choosing fabrics.

How to Cut Patchwork Shapes
An easy tutorial that explains how to cut a variety of patchwork shapes (and how to add correct seam allowances).


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