Friday, November 22, 2013

About Spectator Sports: The Changing Game of Football

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From Tim Hyland, your About Spectator Sports Editor
Let's face it: The game of football stands at a crossroads.

More than ever before, people are starting to wonder about the safety issued posed by America's most popular sport, and so NFL officials are starting to re-think the rules of the game as well.

In this week's Spectator Sports Newsletter, NFL expert takes a look at one safety issue in particularly--namely, what the league can do to protect its quarterbacks.

Red Jerseys for NFL Quarterbacks?
Don't laugh, this was actually an idea that was seriously considered at one time. Quarterbacks would wear red jerseys and therefore, could not be touched.

Washington Redskins: Time to Fire Kyle Shanahan?
When an NFL quarterback tells the media, loudly and in no uncertain terms, that his opponent knows what play is coming, it's code talk for something else.

College Football Talking Points: Week 12
Yes, the ending of that Georgia-Auburn game was fantastic. But how fantastic?

Top 10 NBA Free Agents of 2014
Every summer is full of some good talent, but the summer of 2014 has the potential to be the most star-studded free agent class of all time.

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