Monday, November 25, 2013

About Stereos: The New Age of Low-Footprint Hi-Fi

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From Brent Butterworth, your Guide to Stereos
They say don't sweat the small stuff, but that's where all the action is in audio these days. This week's newsletter profiles two of the latest mini-components, with a full review of Musical Fidelity's $299 V90-DAC digital-to-analog converter and a profile of Meridian's new $2,000 Prime headphone amp/DAC.


Review: Musical Fidelity V90-DAC Digital-to-Analog Converter
With technology and trends in digital audio changing every year, buying a new digital-to-analog converter to get better sound from your computer or your CD/DVD/Blu-ray player seems like a risky investment. Musical Fidelity has a more modest proposal: the $299 V90-DAC. Read more

Meridian Prime: The Ultimate Headphone Amp?
There are lots of high-end headphone amps out there, but most justify their expense through copious use of machined aluminum and big vacuum tubes. Meridian's $2,000 Prime follows a different path, embracing technical excellence over bling. Read more

Urbanears Humlan: The Headphone for Sweaty, Filthy People
So far, this week's hottest new headphone introduction -- and I'm not kidding, I get several releases per week for new headphones -- is the Urbanears Humlan, which the company says is the first washable headphone Read more

Affordable Gifts for Audiophiles
To help you out with your holiday shopping this Black Friday (or Cyber Monday), I've created two real-world audio gift guides -- one for products under $25, and one for products priced at $26 to $50.  Read more

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