Wednesday, November 20, 2013

About Teen Life: Just What Exactly is Gender?

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From Ellen Friedrichs, your About Teen Life Editor
The terms gender and sex are often used as if they are the same thing, but in reality they are two separate aspects of who people are. Here is lowdown!

Sociology of Gender
Gender differences exist in nearly every social phenomena. From the moment of birth, gender expectations influence how boys and girls are treated. In fact, gender expectations may begin before birth as parents and grandparents pick out pink or blue clothes and toys and decorate the baby's room with stereotyped gender colors. Also, since the first day of a baby's life, research shows that girls are handled more gently than boys. Girls are expected to be sweet and want to cuddle whereas boys are handled more roughly and are given greater independence...Read more

What is Gender Identity?
Gender identity refers to the feeling that you are male, female or transgender. Many things contribute to the formation of gender identity, including society, family and factors that are in place before birth...

Is it Possible to Live Gender Free?
In a society that likes to put everything into boxes, some people wonder if it is possible to live gender free...

The Difference Between Gender, Sex & Sexual Orientation
The terms sex, gender and sexual orientation are often used interchangeably. Despite sounding similar, they actually have three distinct meanings... Read more
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