Thursday, November 14, 2013

About Video Games: It Begins

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From Niko Silvester, your About Video Games Editor
While it's not yet Black Friday, the deluge of holiday releases and holiday-themed stuff has begun. From now till New Years, there's no escaping. But we have help! Charles has put together an overview of all the holiday releases for the Wii U, while Eric, Brian, and Michael have reviews and articles for some of the latest big games. And Nadia answers the question of whether or not shiny Pokemon are really better.

The Wii U Games 2013 Holiday Overview
Wii U gamers may find themselves overwhelmed by all the new games released for the holiday season. Poor Charles wasn't able to play through every single one, but he did at least trey them all out. Get a quick look at every Wii U game coming out in this round-up... Read more
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'Call of Duty: Ghosts' Review (X360)
Eric didn't find the presentation of the latest 'Call of Duty' as great as in previous games, but he says it does have "a number of fresh modes and gameplay tweaks to help it stand out," making it a worthwhile purchase... Read more
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'Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag' Review (PS3)
Brian has some seriously high praise for this game (which will also be out later in the month for PS4), calling it one of the best of the year as well as "the best game in one of the most successful and beloved series of games of this generation." Find out what it was that made him like it so much... Read more
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'Battlefield 4' Multiplayer Character Classes
Michael looks over the four character class options you have in 'Battlefield 4' multiplayer. See an overview, find out possible career paths, and get some tips for your chosen class... Read more

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