Tuesday, November 19, 2013

About.com Health: Stay Active In the Cold

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From Maura Corrigan, your About.com Health Editor
Just because the mercury's dropping doesn't mean you have to stay cooped up inside all day. If the outdoors is where you thrive and get your exercise, carry on with your fresh air workout year-round by layering up, protecting your extremities from the elements, and staying smart (a severe cold-weather advisory may actually call for hunkering down). Step out and embrace the chill.

Protect Yourself
Wearing a hat and gloves, knowing when to take it easy to avoid a pulled muscle, and continuing to wear sunscreen (UV rays aren't heat-exclusive) are just a few of these 14 Cold Weather Safety Tips.

Get Layered Up
Depending on the activity, you may need to wear 3 layers when you head out: a base, mid and outer layer. The 3 Optimal Layers and Their Functions
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Find the Best Cold-Weather Walking Wear
Whether you're going out for a quick stroll or an hours-long hike, Walking Wendy will protect you from the wind, snow and rain with this Complete Guide To Cold-Weather Walking.

Make Winter Runs More Bearable
OK, so maybe heading out for a run when it's 25 degrees isn't as pleasant as when it's 60. Fortunately, our running expert Christine knows how to power through that painful first mile with these 5 Cold Weather Running Rules.

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