Tuesday, November 19, 2013

An urgent Medicare warning

We recently uncovered some shocking information about our nation's healthcare system, and it could be costing you or someone you love THOUSANDS of dollars a year in unnecessary expense. So I urge you to read the full explanation below ... and consider taking the simple protective steps it outlines. — Best wishes, Larry

The Great Healthcare Ripoff of 2013

If you or a loved one are covered by Medicare — or signing up during the current open enrollment period — it's crucial that you avoid getting robbed of thousands of dollars a year.

In fact, based on research I just did for my own parents, one common mistake could have robbed them of $49,350 in precious income over the next 10 years!

Here's how to make sure nobody you care about ends up making bad Medicare choices or getting victimized by unscrupulous insurance companies now or in the future ...

Dear Friend,

If you or someone you care about is currently covered by Medicare — or is signing up during the open enrollment period that is now underway — please read this article in its entirety right away.

The reason: While most Americans are currently focusing on Obamacare and other major changes taking place in our nation's healthcare system, they may very well be ignoring some of the biggest healthcare ripoffs I've ever seen.

I uncovered it while doing research for my own parents, who have both been trying to navigate the Medicare enrollment process.

What I found was shocking. With one wrong move, my parents could have lost more than $49,000 in precious retirement money over the next ten years.

And that's just ONE of the many missteps they could have taken!

Fortunately, there is no reason anyone in my life — or yours — has to fall victim to the convoluted health care system we have today.

In fact, in this brief report, I'll show you how to easily navigate the entire Medicare sign-up process — including how to choose wisely among the various plans, supplemental insurance options, and prescription drug coverage — with ease ... potentially saving tens of thousands in the process.

But first ...

One Other Unfortunate Truth About Medicare ...

Even if we put aside all the Obamacare drama, the major fiscal problems facing our country, and the long-term implications those problems have for the Medicare program — the simple truth is that Medicare was never designed to cover ALL your health costs in retirement.

It was never meant to cover chronic conditions. Or prolonged medical treatments.

Rather, it was just to help Americans deal with minor incidents and short-term care.

Meanwhile, the number of treatments and drugs available today are only growing in number and cost.

So the end result is that the gap between what is covered and is NOT covered is growing wider and wider.

And if you happen to suffer some type of major accident or get a serious illness?

Well, you could find yourself out tens of thousands of dollars — or even HUNDREDS of thousands!

To cover the shortfall, you can get a Medicare supplement insurance policy, called “Medigap.” And with one, you're free to choose your own doctors and see a specialist whenever you need one.

But it will cost you! And even among
Plans that offer IDENTICAL coverage,
The prices can VARY WILDLY ...

Medigap policies are available through private insurers, and they will basically reimburse you for some of the out-of-pocket costs you incur that are not covered under Medicare.

This insurance is completely optional ... but for many folks it makes a lot of sense.

Now, to make comparing policies from one insurer to another easier, Congress standardized and simplified Medigap plans and there are currently just 10 to choose from — all designated by various letters such as Plan ‘A' or Plan ‘L'.

Important: All Medigap insurers offer the SAME EXACT policies (though some companies may offer only a few of the plans and a few states have different types of plans available).

But what's amazing is that the prices you'll see on these identical plans can differ by thousands of dollars.

Take someone like my dad — a 66-year-old guy living near Charleston, South Carolina:

If he chose a middle-of-the road Medigap policy from one insurer he'd pay just $1,368 ...

Meanwhile, the EXACT SAME POLICY from a different insurer would run him a whopping $3,772 — ALMOST THREE TIMES AS MUCH!

What about my mom?

  • The most basic Medigap plan would run her $886 with one insurer and a usurious $3,044 with another ...

  • Identical middle-of-the-road plans I looked at varied as much as $2,531 depending on the issuer ...

  • And on the high end, my mom could pay $1,416 with one insurer and $3,368 with another!

Again, we're talking about huge price differences for the exact same coverage.

And you'll find the same thing no matter who you are or where you live:

  • For basic Medigap coverage in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, a 75-year-old woman could pay anywhere from $1,153 a year to $3,163 a year.

  • If the same woman was in Golden, Colorado she'd be looking at annual premiums ranging from $1,053 to $3,310 ...

  • And if she lived in Salisbury, Connecticut? She could pay anywhere from $1,497 to $6,495 — 334% MORE — for the exact same basic Medigap coverage!

Think about that for a minute: If you went to two Chevrolet car lots and looked at identical cars — with all the same options — would you expect one to be selling for $20,000 and another for $86,800?

No way!

Yet that's exactly what is happening with Medigap coverage right now.

Worse Yet, It's Nearly Impossible to
Get Accurate, Unbiased Pricing Information ...

Let's stick with our car example for a minute. The reason that prices for Chevrolets stay pretty competitive at various dealers is because shoppers can get informed very easily.

For example, you can read a copy of Consumer Reports and find out not just how reliable the particular car is, but also how much it typically sells for.

And nowadays you can quickly do a web search and get all sorts of information — the price the dealer pays for the car ... the incentives available ... heck, you can even e-mail a bunch of dealers the lowest price you're willing to pay and see what comes back!

But it's not the same with Medigap insurance.

In fact, while the plans and coverage levels are STRICTLY regulated, it's like the Wild West in all other respects.

As I've already shown you, the pricing is all over the map.

Moreover, there are about 150 issuers out there ... and there's never been an easy way to find out who is offering coverage in your particular area.

You Certainly Can't Rely on Insurance Agents
Or the State-Run Websites Out There!

If you go out there and try to shop for Medigap insurance, you'll quickly discover that most agents don't want to tell you about companies they don't represent. And even those who do want to be helpful lack access to all the information they need.

I should also point out that — especially nowadays — the financial health of the issuing companies can also vary greatly ... so just because you're getting a low annual rate doesn't mean you're getting a good deal!

Meanwhile, you CAN get some information from the various state-sponsored websites — but they won't give you usable price comparisons specific to your situation ... and they certainly won't give you the customized, across-the-board pricing details you need to make a solid decision.

You'll Find Similar Confusion When You Try to Figure Out Which Particular Medicare Plan Is Right for You ...

Whether Prescription Drug Coverage
is Worth Purchasing ...

And a Whole Host of Other Crucial Choices, Too!

This is exactly why my friends at Weiss Ratings launched The Weiss Ratings Medicare Power Planner.

Weiss Ratings is the nation's leading independent provider of financial strength ratings for the insurance and banking industries.

They have no axes to grind, and they don't sell insurance.

Instead, they've built the first ever interactive tool driven by their proprietary database of insurance premiums and financial strength ratings.

So that you can get an unbiased, personalized look at what Medicare and Medigap offerings are available to you from the nation's insurance companies ... including actual prices being charged!

This tool was designed from the ground up to help you understand Medicare ... Medicare supplements ... and prescription coverage ... all in a few short steps.

The Medicare Power Planner will guide you through a series of simple yes-and-no questions that help you determine the best possible plan for the coverage you need ... at the lowest possible price.

Better yet, the Weiss Ratings Medicare Power Planner explains — in plain English — who qualifies for Medicare, what types of plans there are, and how you can fit them together to get the comprehensive coverage you need.

And you don't have worry if you're not sure how to answer the questions.

Before you answer each one, the Medicare Power Planner will help you FULLY understand what the question means and why it matters.

Also, if you realize later that you want to change your answer, no problem. You can always go back ... or just start over.

How you go through the process is entirely up to you!

The Medicare Power Planner will give you a clear suggestion for the types of Medicare plans you should consider based on YOUR personal situation, including ...

  • Original Medicare with a Medigap policy and prescription drug plan ...

  • Original Medicare with a prescription drug plan only, or ...

  • A Medicare Advantage plan.

And the best part is that the Medicare Power Planner will show you EXACTLY how much your coverage will cost and which insurers you should consider based on price, coverage options, and financial strength.

All told, you get ...

  • Complete transparency. You'll see nearly all the insurers offering Medicare Advantage and Medigap policies in your area and what they will charge you based on your age, gender and zip code ...

  • Absolute anonymity. Weiss Ratings will never pass on your contact information without your express approval.

  • And utter simplicity! There's no fancy sales talk ... or confusing terminology to wade through.

Everything is displayed in a simple-to-use interactive tool ... so you'll never be left wondering what something means or whether there's a better deal out there!

You also get a full 60 days to work through all the options as you put together your comprehensive plan.

Yes, the planner is designed to walk you through the process quickly and easily so you might not need all that time. Still, there's no reason you need to worry about rushing through this important decision.

After all, the planner can answer some of the big questions you may have like ...

  • What does Medicare cover?

  • What are the gaps in Medicare coverage?

  • What are my choices in supplemental coverage?

  • How does Medicare Advantage work?

  • What plan do I need?

  • And how much does it cost?

Again, you will have the actual, current price quotes that insurance carriers will offer you personally, based on your age, gender and zip code — for Medigap ... Medicare Advantage ... and prescription drug plans as well.

And you will also know the Weiss Financial Strength Rating for every company ... so you can focus not just on the price of the coverage but ALSO the safety of the issuing company!

Bottom Line: The Medicare Power Planner Can
Save You Thousands of Dollars a Year!

The idea that two insurance companies could be charging wildly different prices for the EXACT SAME Medigap policy blows my mind.

But it's easy to see why they can: Most people simply don't (or can't) comparison shop for this coverage.

Yet the savings can be substantial ...

A 70-year-old female in Columbus, OH, paying a whopping $3,910 with one company for the popular Plan C, would have saved herself $2,385 a year with another plan!

A 70-year-old male living in Miami, FL, paying $7,714 for Plan F with one company would have saved $4,762 a year by switching to another insurer offering the exact same benefits!

Not to mention the 70-year-old male in Greensboro, NC, paying $3,988 with one insurance company who could save $2,466 a year with another well-known insurer.

And remember, those are ANNUAL numbers ...
So you could save a fortune over the long run!

When you consider how much time and money you can save with The Medicare Power Planner, Weiss Ratings could easily charge hundreds of dollars for access to their system and still call it a great bargain ...

Especially since there is absolutely NO OTHER comprehensive, unbiased online tool like this available anywhere.

However, it really is their goal — and mine — to help you in the most cost-effective way possible.

That's why I've made a deal with Weiss Ratings to get immediate access to your own PERSONALIZED Medicare Power Planner for just $99.

And talk about the gift that can keep on giving ...

If it saves you $1,000 in premiums in 2014, the report will pay for itself more than 10 times over in just the first year ...

If you continue reaping those savings for another four years, your report will pay for itself 50 times over ...

And if you just save $1,000 each year in the next decade, you will have recouped the cost of your report a staggering 100 times over!

So don't go it alone on one of the most important decisions of your life.

Get your access to The Medicare Power Planner right away. You can potentially save thousands of dollars each year — and tens of thousands over time.

CLICK HERE Get your customized report right now!

Once you enter the few vital statistics you need to get started — age, gender and zip code — you'll get personalized results instantly.

Years ago, this type of custom work would have taken weeks and cost thousands of dollars.

But thanks to modern computers, we now have an online tool that can give you, or a loved one, everything you need instantly — and all for a mere $99.

Don't Risk Your Health OR Your Wealth ...
Get the Coverage You Need at the Best Possible Price!

Your health — or the health of the seniors you care for — is precious. And so is the money you've worked hard to save over the years.

So don't risk either one by making bad Medicare choices or letting an insurance company rip you off.

Instead, get the plain-English, UNBIASED information you need to make wise choices on Medicare, supplemental insurance, and prescription drug coverage.

That way you can make sure you're getting the coverage you need at the best possible price.

Just click here to get your customized report today.

Best wishes,


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