Saturday, November 23, 2013

Biomass Pellet Mill, Wood Press, Machine And Plants For Sale

Biomass Pellet Mill, Wood Press, Machine And Plants For SaleClick Image To Visit SiteIf you have not already done so, please watch the video below. At PelHeat we have been involved in making pellets since 2006, and we understand the skills required to be able to produce quality wood pellets and biomass pellets using the pellet mill.

The cost of fuel and heating is becoming more of an issue for more people. Most economies are still struggling to get out of the recession and oil and gas prices are continuing to rise. For instance the UK recently had a 20% increase in the cost of gas, to the average consumer this means an additional £180 increased in their bill. There are new incentives to encourage alternatives such as wood pellets, in the UK there is the Renewable Heat Incentive. Some people have wood and biomass resources available to them for the manufacturer of wood pellets with the pellet mill.

We want to help people understand how to make wood pellets and other biomass pellets as it also supports our work in providing small pellet mills and small and large pellet plants. We understand some people are just looking for a basic introduction, therefore we have produced a free beginners guide on how the pellet mill works.

The pellet mill is a compression device, heat and pressure are used to compress and bind the raw material into a pellet shape. However each material is different and pellet density is very important for combustion efficiency. Not all pellet mills can compress all materials. Our guide can show you which pellet mills are up to the task to make high density wood pellets and other fuel pellets suitable for pellet stoves.

We have produced fuel pellets from a wide range of wood and biomass materials in the pellet mill, you can see one of our first… Read more…


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