Sunday, November 17, 2013

Chocolate Recipe Guilt Free

Chocolate Recipe Guilt FreeClick Image To Visit SitePamela is a retired Home Economics teacher living on the Gold Coast, Australia. Having studied in Melbourne, she majored in nutrition, food science and biochemistry.

She has maintained a keen interest in nutritional trends for over 40 years and is constantly on the lookout for healthier food options.

What she discovered in her research is so incredibly amazing that I want to share it with you. Shortly, I will explain to you exactly what she found in the research about the astonishing ways that her chocolate recipes can actually improve your health.

Just before I do, have a read of what one self-confessed chocoholic said after trying one of the chocolate treats….

I am a chocoholic! I love chocolate but I am also very picky and fussy when it comes to what chocolate I eat. I was really pleasantly surprised at just how good your guilt-free chocolate tastes and feels in my mouth. I eat lots of chocolate so I was very skeptical that you could create a healthy chocolate that tastes great – but you did it! Eating the slice was a yummy pleasure. No way that's good for you. It tastes too good! The only bad thing was I needed more samples!Andrew Grant, Gold Coast, Australia

This is the reaction I get over and over again when family and friends taste these delicious chocolate treats. I am use to their amazement by now but still get a buzz from the strength of their excitement.

It was then that Pamela wrote these recipe books in order that she could share her delicious, raw, original and healthy chocolate recipes with you.

As mentioned, Pamela has had a keen interest in nutrition for over 40 years and it was frightening to see how obesity was becoming a major… Read more…


Put the internet to work for you.

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