Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cricket Tipster

Cricket TipsterClick Image To Visit SiteWould You Like To Use 10 Years Of Knowledge From An Ex-Ladbrokes Manager To Take Money From The Bookies?

When I first started working with bookmakers it was a different world. They actually cared about their business and customer service. It's a sad fact that big business has taken over the world in recent years and nothing matters to big business except making money.

Now big bookmakers don't care about sport. What they care about is roulette machines and virtual racing. Anything that moves money from your pocket to their till a little bit faster.

I love betting and sport. In fact, as you can imagine, I first started working for bookies because I was a losing bettor and wanted to learn more about how the business was run from the inside. My original aim was to learn what I needed to know and then leave to become a profitable bettor. The problem was…

Initially I started taking bets, but over 10 years worked my way up to the top to become a shop manager. I saw all the bets that came in every day and, more importantly, I learnt what to do when the oddsmakers had got it wrong.

After the first few years I began to notice a pattern where the oddsmakers made mistakes. They would make the same mistakes again and again. But one thing stood out to me more than anything else…

So I started to learn everything there was to know about cricket. I knew that if the oddsmakers were getting it wrong then I could make a killing on it. After all, I started working for them to find out how to make big profits and this was my chance.

I spent a year learning everything about cricket and when the… Read more…


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