Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Escapes and Reversals

Escapes and ReversalsClick Image To Visit SiteCoach Weber"s Bottom System of wrestling is based on skills that will work at the most beginner level and in the NCAA Finals. The bottom system that Coach Weber teaches is built around the fundamentals he learned while wrestling for the University of Iowa Wrestling Team under Dan Gable, where he was a 3x All-American and NCAA Champion. Coach Weber has used his experiences while wrestling for Dan Gable and combined them with over a decade of coaching the youth and high school level to create a system that can be effectively used to teach youth and high school wrestlers of all levels to build a solid foundation on the bottom position. Please view a description of all the techniques and strategies in this series below.

Get to Your Feet: Wrestlers of all ages need to understand the importance of getting to their feet on the bottom. Wrestlers will learn a Stand-up System that emphasizes coming off the bottom to your feet, but also give option to the most common Stand-up Defenses. This system will not only teach wrestlers how to get out quick but will also lead to chain wrestling. Stringing moves together is the secret to truly mastering the bottom position.

Leg Defense: No matter what a wrestlers philosophy is on the bottom they MUST know how to stay out of and clear legs. Not understanding some basic skills to defend leg riders can be crippling to even the best wrestlers. Wrestlers will learn techniques and strategies to the best leg defense "KEEP THEM OUT". They will also be taught in an easy to follow method how to clear one leg, two legs, the Power Half and more.

Wrist Control and Hand Fighting Skills: A good wrestler knows how to get hand control first… Read more…



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