Wednesday, November 13, 2013 What Might Happen If The $ Gets Rattled; Are We Headed For A Bail-In Or Is This Just For Europe? header

What Would Happen If Dollar Gets Rattled? Will We See

A Bail-In Or Is That Just For Europe?

November 13, 2013
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Details of Next Market Collapse
December E Mini vs December Bonds
December Euro
December Corn & It's Impact On The Meats

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Dear Friend,


Whether the dollar will get rattled or not, no one really knows. If it does get rattled, no one knows the day it will happen. What we can do, is look at cultures who have debased their currency due to arrogant leaders who are as dumb as a box of rocks thinking they are smarter than Nero. They are not and will end up with similar results.


Actually, you and I will end up with the same results. They will always have food and treasure for themselves because they know what is coming. Sure, it is their doing and they have the help of millions of what Stalin referred to as useful idiots.


These are the folks who are cheering the band on the deck of the USS Economy after barry and his land dwelling minions have steered the ship into the icebergs. 


When a currency is diluted, just like a chemical solution, it gets weaker and weaker and less effective and less effective until it is so weak it has no value. One would think Yellen would understand that, however, as with much of this administration, integrity seems to be a character flaw rather than a virtue to be admired.


She has made claims as to her economic predictions which of course are inaccurate, false, or as us plain old mouth breathers like to call them, a lie.

Yellen might even tell us we can keep our currency and will not have to adopt a new currency until we find out we have no currency because the clown who hired her has destroyed the financial foundation of this once great country.


On once again it was reported 101 million people are being fed by the government. The American taxpayer is being forced to pay for this as well as the healthcare for millions of people who for one reason or another will not provide for their own healthcare and food. Lucky us. If they could read the constitution, perhaps they would realize they have no constitutional right to what you have worked for.


There is no moral right, no ethical right, and until the socialist traitors came into control, they had no legal right to take what is yours. It used to be called theft if you were not home and robbery if you were when the thieves or their agents came to confiscate your labor, ingenuity, thrift, and discipline that is stored in the form of dollars.


As the dilution continues, what do we think will happen? Will the Fed be able to continue to spend ridiculous amounts of money and push us deeper and deeper into debt without consequence?


Are the laws of economics and dilution less real than the law of gravity? If you throw a ball up in the air, what happens? Of course, gravity gets ahold on the ball and pulls it back to the earth. 


The dilution of currency is not a law to be ignored either. Our currency can not sustain continued dilution. The thought the government will tell you or me the truth is an opinion even the most naive of socialists can no longer hang on to. Like the tooth fairy, small children may find it a charming story, but if barry and his minions continue to dilute the currency, at some point the 101 million people we are feeding every day are going to be cut off.


It will not be gradual either. It can happen with the flip of a switch or the click of a mouse from a remote computer bunkered with your fearful leader someplace far far away.


The government and the fed can not end this QE baloney. As reported recently, the entire gain in 5 years, since barry took office, is due to government pushing money into the markets. That is conjured money which dilutes your money and mine.


If the dollar were to stumble, who would show up for work? Of course everyone is going to say they would until the government can no longer provide food to 101 million people it has succeeded in making government dependents. 


When these 101 million start getting really hungry, a major portion of this group never worked and were just parasites their entire lives. They are going to just loot to get what they want. Then no one is going to go to work because they are going to stay home to protect their family and their possessions. Check out this short video of the "EBT" food stamp card glitch across 16 or 17 states just a couple weeks ago. 


This is all going to happen because of a president who is unqualified and his crew who are absolutely out of their element. They know less about how to make this economy work than almost anyone reading this newsletter, except the misguided or misinformed who were former supporters of the liar in chief. 


I can not help but wonder, what would happen if every taxpayer just refused to send another nickel to Washington? What would happen to officers who went to arrest some of the patriots who refused to support a government that is using it's temporarily granted authority to change our culture and steal our way of life to create a communistic hell hole that has never succeeded in the past? Would they make it home? And what about the leadership? 


Were the founding fathers so distracted with the NFL and American Idol or the likes of Miley Cyrus and what she is smoking that they could not pay attention to the looters and their cronies who were positioning themselves to survive in style while the politicians and the fat cats on Wall Street slither off to their well stocked retreats to await for the producers to figure out a way to right the ship? Then they and their tax man will arrive to steal again, unless they are not allowed to crawl out of their holes.


If we don't grow a backbone and stand up to this trash, our economy will be gone and we really can only blame them so much. We know it is happening and we are letting it happen. 


If the government can no longer send out the government goodies to the small number that actually should be getting them and the millions and millions who are the parasites, where does that leave you and me?


I was never a big fan of the old rock band Rush, but their song Trees is certainly worth a listen. Their music may not be exactly what you listen to, I know I seldom do, but the message is pretty timely. 



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December E Mini 


With the confidence the Fed, aka the guy silly enough to jump into the tiger's cage and grab it's tail, will continue to create about 10% of 2008's domestic money supply and inject it into the economy with virtually no descernable results and do so every month from now until Hades freezes over, the market enjoyed a nice up day today. 


Does it bother anyone else that the only area that seems to be benefitting from the intentional debasing of our currency, by either an inept administration or a very evil kabal, are the banking and financial industries and friends of the politicos?


John and Jane Q Public are being left behind to pick up the tab or be a useful idiot at election time to continue to vote for these horrible knuckle draggers. 


I see no more roads, bridges, space exploration, upgraded grid, upgraded and hardened communications, employment, increased military, lowered crime, lowered college costs, for the trillion dollars a year these folks are stealing from ours and our children's future. Why does no one ask where all this money is going? Even 101 million people are receiving $10,000 in support from the government they did not receive just 5 years ago, that would only be $1.2 trillion leaving nearly $3 trillion to be accounted for. We know $500 billion or so goes to service the debt, and there is some for military, but $2.5 trillion? 


Oh well, let's look at the pretty chart provided by the money conjurers with the blessing of the government.


 The RSI and stochastics are both indicating additional upside potential to me but the ADX, which indicates trend strength rather than direction, indicates to me the trend may be weakening. An outside day today may also be an indication today may have been a bit of a blow off but keep in mind the close is right at the top of the day indicating there may be more follow through buying as traders don't want to discover they have been left behind.


In reality, if this market does what it looks like it might want to do in the next week or so, they might be happy to miss an up day today to miss the larger down days we may be seeing pretty soon.


The bonds, and the treasuries in general, enjoyed a nice day up today defying what the signals were telling me last night. They were not very convincing the past few days so the sidelines is where I have found comfort.


Strange for treasuries and equities to be moving in the same direction. I can't help but wonder which one will break first.


 Not much to get too excited about but when we look at the Euro in a moment, we might have to do some head scratching. The RSI is turning up slightly so bulls may be stepping in or there may be some money coming in looking for a "safe haven". 


Stochastics has begun turning up yet the ADX continues to tell us the downward trend is weakening. Could this be a base building for a future rally? 


Well, I am going to go ahead and spoil some of the Euro commentary because it just fits here better. 


We know the Europeans are having problems. Any worse than America's? In total, not much worse. We are well above 110% with our debt to GDP adding now over 8% annually and should interest rates pop up to 6.2%, we have real major problems.


Guess how the IMF is suggesting the Europeans deal with this? Ok, I gave it away earlier. A Bail-In! Europeans are going to need to pony up approximately 34% of their financial wealth and turn it over to the moronic politicians who got them into this predicament in the first place.


In as much as the IMF wants to be fair, they have devised a plan for America as well. They have decided you and I and every other American should be subjected to a one time tax of over 28% of all financial holdings which will give the government about $11 trillion.


If you want to see the whole article out of the UK regarding these ideas, check out this link.

December Euro


Check out this chart in the Euro. With the Europeans apparently looking for a place to put some cash before the IMF determines they should not have what they have and confiscates some, these folks seem to be thinking they will move it to the US pretty soon and support our bonds and our dollar. 


This may not bode well for the Euro as it will be sold heavy to buy dollars so if we see that spread begin to happen, expect the treasuries and stocks to be the beneficiaries.



I was just wondering who elected the IMF "officials" who have figured out many of the people in the US, Europe and various parts of the world need to have a significant portion of our savings and assets confiscated and that we would not want to hang them from tall trees?


I would have to think it was the current socialists in power in many countries around the world and even right here in America. One can not help but wonder what will happen when the producers decide it is better to not produce for a while and let the parasites fend for themselves. 


The stochastics is turning up, the RSI is turned up and the ADX is indicating the trend is strong and getting stronger. This could get very interesting very quickly.


It looks as though the indicators may have to be shortened up if markets continue to trade in such narrow ranges. I am looking at that. I don't want to get too sensitive to market direction and want to make sure as best I can that a trend is a trend before entering orders to initiate a trade so caution is required. 

December Corn


Last week the indicators were telling me to get short if the market broke below 391. It did not so we waited on the sidelines. 


Once again our entry rules helped us avoid a potentially bad trade as the market is significantly higher as you can see in today's chart.


 As you can see, the corn is nearly 50 cents above where we would have gotten in at with the previous signal. It is a good idea to make the market you are watching continue to always perform to "earn" your confidence before entering a trade. 


In other words, we are going to sell on weakness and buy on a strengthening market.


Now it is beginning to look as if we could see corn start moving sideways to down. The RSI is turned down and stochastics is beginning to bend. The ADX is barely over 16 which tells me this upward trend very well may be weakening.


When the indicators give me the signal, I will look to short this market or go long one of the meats, most likely the Live Cattle. 


From a fundamental thought, with the largest corn harvest in history and virtually all the corn in around the country, feedlot cattle as well as hogs eat a lot of corn. 


When it is cheap to feed them, fewer animals may go to the sale barns so based on supply and demand, less cattle at the barns means higher prices while more corn than at any time in history should be pushing the prices down in corn. Time will tell.  


Check out this chart for January Feeder Cattle. They are in the stratosphere.


 They may not be at an all time high, but they are not far from it. The RSI might be telling us the bulls (no puns) are stepping back into this market, perhaps due to the lower cost to feed them over the winter and slightly warmer weather so far this year compared to last year.


The ADX may be telling us the downward trend may be weakening and there seems to be some support at the 16400 level. If this holds we could see feeders test the 16600 level in the next two trading sessions and 16750 by early next week. 


This market is much thinner than live cattle so be aware there can be dramatic moves and sudden trend changes so trade accordingly.


When you are on the right side of a trade in feeders, they can trend a long ways and make a lot of money. The opposite is true as well so be careful.

If there is a stock or commodity you have a question about, let me know. I will try to get back to you as quickly as possible and perhaps include your question in the next newsletter.

Hope you had a nice Veterans Day where we have the honor to give honor to the military that has allowed us to have the country unlike any other country in the world or throughout history. 

They have beaten back every threat thus far and pray they will continue to do so, whether that enemy is found to be foreign or domestic.  

Email me with any questions or suggestions you have and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  


Robert Biggs
Robert Biggs
Disclaimer: There is substantial risk in trading futures and options on futures. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. You may make money or you may lose money regardless of whether you or an industry professional manages your account.


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