Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Introduction To Financial Planning Organizations

November 19, 2013
In This Week's Issue
Introduction To Financial Planning Organizations
Exam Prep Question of the Week
Sell-Side Analysts Need Series 86/87 Exams
A Look At CFA Job Opportunities
4 Traits Banks Look For In New Staff
5 Ways To Be Irreplaceable At Work
Financial Careers
Introduction To Financial Planning Organizations
These organizations each provide a wealth of benefits for both advisors and consumers that have combined to elevate the quality and public perception of the financial planning industry in the U.S. Learn More
Exam Question

Under a pegged exchange rate system which of the following measures can be undertaken by a home country in order to devalue its currency back to its original peg?

I. Decrease the growth of the money supply in the home market relative to the country to which the home currency is pegged.
II. Reduce the real level of interest rates.
III. Implement measures to stimulate economic growth at home.
IV. Sell some of the foreign currencies in its reserves in exchange for the domestic currency.

A. II and III only.
B. I and IV only.
C. I, II, and IV only.
D. I and II only.

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Financial Careers
Sell-Side Analysts Need Series 86/87 Exams
While a cynic could certainly say that the creation of these exams is a byproduct of FINRA trying to grow its power base and revenue, the reality is that the embarrassments of the dot-com era highlighted serious deficiencies when it came to the practice of sell-side research and the handling of ethical conflicts.
Financial Education
A Look At CFA Job Opportunities
Read on to get a better understanding of the careers that attract CFAs, and make sure these are positions you are interested in pursuing.
Financial Careers
4 Traits Banks Look For In New Staff
Now financial institutions are looking for a tenacious new breed of banking professionals, ideally with a thick skin and even thicker experience collaborating with mobile colleagues and making tough, independent decisions.
5 Ways To Be Irreplaceable At Work
According to Judy Free and Traci Maddox, authors of "The Essential Employee: The Adventures of Carmen Senz," research has revealed behaviors considered most valuable in the workplace, in the view of supervisors, coworkers and executives.
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Frequently Asked Questions:
1. What certification series does one need to be a bond broker?
2. Do I need to be sponsored or employed by a member firm in order to write the Series 66 exam?
3. What are the requirements that a trust needs to meet to be qualified?
4. Does FINRA make any allowances for people whose first language is not English?
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