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LIFS is Our #1 Pick to Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry

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Stem Cell

Regenerative Medicine Is No Longer Confined
To The Research Lab, It's About To Take
Main Street (And Wall Street) By Storm!

Life Stem Genetics (LIFS) Has An Aggressive Expansion Program To Make The Miracles of Stem Cell Therapies Available At Local Clinics Across The Globe!

Buy LIFS now  while you can still get it under $2 a share.

in the next 6-9 months!

Long haul, the sky could be the limit for LIFS
as its proprietary stem cell therapies become
accepted mainstream practices in a market
expected to hit $75 Billion next year!

Fellow Investor:

Stem cell therapy has arrived! Stem cell therapy is now a recognized, accepted, effective and often miraculous treatment for everything from blindness...kidney failure...Alzheimer's...stroke...heart attack and failure...arthritis...and a host of other common diseases and conditions.

Its often-astonishing, often-life-saving (after all else may have failed) results are finally attracting the credit it deserves. Stem cell therapy treatment is already being actively used in conventional medicine by hospitals to treat Multiple Myleoma, a form of blood cancer. Stem cell therapy is catching on quickly with sophisticated health-care consumers who are looking to escape the grasp of big-pharma-controlled medicine.

Now, Life Stem Genetics has brought its proprietary, proven-effective stem cell therapies out of the research lab and is in the process of making them available around the world!

You may already know what stem cells are, and why they have the potential to make much of what is now considered "accepted medical practice" obsolete.

Just as McDonald's introduced the globe to fast food, so Life Stem Genetics plans to make its proprietary stem cell therapies readily available at associated clinics throughout the world.

Briefly, stem cells are a basic body cell that have the capacity to reproduce indefinitely and to grow into a variety of specific kinds of tissue.

*Because the projected return on investment of the global stem cell industry is already in the $Billions, I'll wait to put a specific price target on Life Stem Genetics (LIFS) so I don't have to keep raising it. Now is the time to make your initial buy on LIFS. Our initial valuation of Life Stem's future market share is well above the current near $1 price level and increasing.

For example, medical research suggests...

Stem cells have the ability to become strong, healthy heart cells to repair damage from a heart attack.
Stem cells can morph into special cells. For example, those needed to restore the sight of someone suffering from macular deterioration.
Stem cells have been proven to have amazing anti-cancer and anti-aging powers.
Stem cells can develop into the kidney cells that could save so many thousands of people from the ordeal of kidney dialysis.
Stem cells can even become brain cells replacing those damaged by a stroke... or someday Hopefully, even the nerve cells that restore a severed spinal cord and enable the crippled to walk.

You get the idea. Stem cell therapies are about helping your body repair itself. You might say it's about growing replacement body parts.

It's called regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine is the use of stem cells to repair, replace, or restore biological structures and/or functions that may be lacking due to congenital defects, aging, disease, or destruction.

And despite its detractors and skeptics, stem cell technology could be about to turn the medical world completely on its head.

And here's what few people realize...

Stem Cell Therapy
Is Already Going Mainstream!

You've undoubtedly been hearing for years about the promise of stem cell medicine to grow new, or repair, body parts.

You're probably also aware of the legal and highly-political battles over the use of what are known as embryonic stem cells that until recently have clouded the future of regenerative medicine.

Well, now I'm here to tell you all of that is in the past!

Life Stem Genetics, Inc. (LIFS) is a breakthrough health care company, with a blue-ribbon management team, that is focused on making state-of-the-art, adult stem therapies available to the suffering millions who could benefit most from them.

Life Stem Genetics already has some 60 associate clinics where patients can benefit from the latest in stem cell treatments.

The company is now in the process of developing regenerative therapy clinics all across the globe where anyone could go for state-of-the-art stem cell therapy for everything from stroke heart attack or heart failure ...Alzheimer's...kidney failure... Parkinson's... arthritis... glaucoma... Chon's disease... even HIV... MS and TB... and a host of other conditions and diseases.

This is absolutely huge! It represents a paradigm shift in the entire health care model.

It also represents what could be the opportunity of
your lifetime to get in early on a stock that I
believe has explosive upside potential!

Stem cell therapy is finally breaking free from the restraints of insurance companies and traditional medicine as well as the skepticism from the pharmaceutical industry. Stem cell therapy is finally coming into its own.

And this one company, Life Stem Genetics, Inc. (LIFS) is leading the charge.

Getting in now, could prove to be the most profitable decision of your life, because the regenerative health care industry is forecast to become...

A $-Trillion-a-year industry!

*Because the projected return on investment of the global stem cell industry is already in the $Billions, I'll wait to put a specific price target on Life Stem Genetics (LIFS) so I don't have to keep raising it. Now is the time to make your initial buy on LIFS. Our initial valuation of Life Stem's future market share is well above the current near $1 price level and increasing.

My name's Andy Carpenter, and I'm publisher of the Wall Street Revelator newsletter.

My editors are dedicated to one proposition...uncovering what could be grossly under-valued they blue chips or a baby blue chip such as Life Stem Genetics.

This sole dedication to value has created an open-position portfolio that includes these diverse winners...

  • Starbucks, up 748%,
  • VMware, up 310%,
  • Darling International, up 202%,
  • eBay, up 167%
  • Seagate, up 72%,
  • Trina Solar, up 199%,
  • Herbalife, up 72%...

Now I'm convinced that LIFS could be my next breakout company, positioned for what could be near-complete domination of its multi-billion dollar market.

I urge you to click on the link below to get the complete and fascinating story of Life Stem Genetics.

I also urge you to buy some LIFS now while you can still get it under $2 a share.

Realistically, I expect this stock could easily double over night as this investor alert gets around. I'm looking for a triple in 6-9 months, then a four-bagger in less than a year as momentum grows, clinics spring up and Wall Street takes note.

In fact, I'll go so far as to say that, 2 years from now, Life Stem Genetics could be at, or near the top of my list of all-time most-profitable picks...

Why am I so absolutely certain? Who am I and why should you believe me?

Good questions.



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