Sunday, November 17, 2013

MBA BIBLE – The Ultimate MBA Guide

MBA BIBLE - The Ultimate MBA GuideClick Image To Visit SiteMBA Bible is a guide for existing MBA students, those considering doing an MBA and business people who want to gain an understanding of the inner workings of an MBA in a summarized guide created by MBA graduates.

The MBABible begins with a big picture model that shows where all the individual MBA business models fit in, broken down into the 3 key phases.

Do you manage a business and want some structure, processes and models to help you create an MBA quality business plan?

The 25% of India's population with the highest IQs… is Greater than the Total population of the United States! Translation: India has more honors kids than America has kids! With such competition we need to differentiate ourselves in the new global world…

For the big picture thinker MBA Bible offers a clear road map of the sections that make up the MBA and guides you through each section, demonstrating and explaining the key models that are part of it.

Gain a competitive advantage by getting an understanding of how senior management think and what is important to them?

Get an good grade as the MBA Bible has been created by generations of A grade graduates from Top Business schools.

The MBA Bible guide lets you peer inside what an MBA is, and it's constituent parts so that if you are a considering an MBA you know beforehand what it is all about, so you go in with your eyes open.

The MBA Bible distills the key structure, models and the explanation of how they work and form the big picture

MBA Bible allows business owners to understand the structure and process of creating a quality business plan.

In this highly competitive world MBA Bible lets you gain the gain commercial acumen needed to get ahead… Read more…


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