Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mosaics For Profit

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Chances are you started creating mosaics as a hobby – something fun to do that helps relieve the stress of your daily grind.

But now, in these tough economic conditions, it's time you learned the truth … your mosaics "hobby" can become a high-paying business opportunity.

That's right, mosaic art is a viable business – one that can give you the freedom and the financial flexibility you've always wanted.

My name is Heath Allison I'm a writer, researcher and entrepreneur. I have started several online and offline businesses and run them successfully. While I'm not a mosaic artist myself, I LOVE mosaics and I am an avid collector.

This friend, fed up with the daily grind, recently quit his job and started his own mosaic business.

But my friend didn't know the first thing about business and, as a result, even though he is a talented mosaic artist, his business struggled.

While I was initially skeptical of the viability of a mosaic business, what I discovered during my research showed that the exact opposite was true.

Mosaic art is actually a thriving market right now. Mosaic is versatile and can be done on any surface. In fact, today mosaic is not only used for decorating floors and walls but archways, furniture, windowpanes, and pottery – its captivating beauty still mesmerizes art lovers.

To put it simply, mosaic artists have a special skill that people all over are willing to pay money for.

Honestly, you don't even have to be a great mosaics artist to make money, you can be average or… Read more…


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