Monday, November 18, 2013

Music Marketing Manifesto – Internet Music Marketing Strategy Guide

Music Marketing Manifesto - Internet Music Marketing Strategy GuideClick Image To Visit Site"How An Out Of Work Musician Managed To Rebuild A Thriving Music Career Using Nothing But The Internet To Generate Thousands Of Dollars In Revenue each Year!"

F@*k The Record Labels! Learn How To Create Your Own Success In The Music Business. Anyone Can Do It. You Just need To Know How!

In My Opinion This System Is The Absolute Best Way There Is To Succeed In The Music Business. Period.

Music Marketing manifesto 2.0 is a multi-media course containing 9 modules, 23 videos, 2 PDF Manuals, 3 website templates, audio Interviews, email swipe files, an interactive members area and a music marketing toolbox. You get instant access to everything, immediately after registering. Here's a more detailed breakdown of what you'll find inside the members area.

I'll show you how to get followers, convert them into fans, how to create a tweet campaign, as well as how to automate your tweets and merge your stream with your Facebook page. This module is one of the most popular in the course. The technique is free and you can get started immediately.

In Module Seven I'll teach you how to use joint ventures to get a huge amount of new fans, as well as sales, very quickly. A joint venture is when you strike a mutually beneficial agreement with another musician or business to promote one another to your existing fans. By doing this you build your list rapidly, as well as create goodwill with your existing fans. This module includes a 23 page training manual, JV recruitment email templates and a step-by-step training video.

Writing emails that cause people to take action, also known as copywriting, is one of the most valuable skills a marketer can have. But it's not always easy.

So in Module… Read more…


Put the internet to work for you.

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