Monday, November 18, 2013

My Favorite Growth Trend

It's usually a challenge to select one single growth trend that is more powerful


Monday, November 18, 2013



My Favorite Growth Trend
by Tyler Laundon


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It's usually a challenge to select one single growth trend that is more powerful than the rest. But that's not the case these days - it has to be the boom in U.S. oil and gas production.


Forty years ago the Arab oil embargo against the United States launched the 1973 oil crisis. The embargo immediately caused oil prices to spike by 40%. Nationwide fuel shortages become commonplace.


How far we have come since then.


Growth in U.S. oil and gas production is likely to make North America energy-independent by 2018.  We're now producing more oil and gas than Saudi Arabia. In just the last four years, crude reserves have climbed by 50%. Since 1999, natural gas reserves have doubled.


This reversal means that the U.S. is enjoying a long-awaited position of strength in the global energy landscape. And it means that when the 50th anniversary of the oil embargo rolls around in 2023, the U.S. is likely to be a net energy exporter.


Most investors already know that advancements in drilling techniques - like hydraulic fracturing -deserve the gold medal for getting the U.S. energy industry to where it is today. But few understand the positive impact of two lesser known advancements.


One of these is the ability of companies to tap into multiple oil formations from a single well pad. They can do this because in some areas, like the Permian in Texas and the Colorado Basin, multiple oil formations are stacked on top of each other.



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Each layer can be drilled independently. And when this is done from one well pad, it yields far more oil at far less cost. This helps companies mastering the technique generate very high returns.  


Companies are also learning to drill wells much closer together. This is called downspacing.  The goal is to maximize the amount of oil recovered without one well interfering with the recovery of another well.


In areas like the Utica, companies are having great drilling results moving up from eight wells per section (a section is 640 acres) to16. And they'll be testing 20 wells per section in 2014. This is just one example in one basin; others are moving in the same direction.


The combination of downspacing and drilling multiple layers - along with fracking - means companies recover much more oil from each acre of land. The best part is that there is no additional cost involved to acquire more land.


In areas like the Permian and Eagle Ford in Texas, Wattenberg in Colorado, and Utica in Ohio, the financial payoff has been huge. And with years of drilling inventory left in many parts of these basins companies can still find property to purchase, albeit at a higher and higher premium as time goes on.


As the U.S. blazes a path toward energy independence, consider adding exposure to U.S. oil and gas producers in your portfolio. You don't want to miss out on the biggest investment trend of the decade.


Good investing,


Tyler Laundon

Newport, Rhode Island




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What's making the Saudis sweat through their robes


What would make these billionaires nervous? The inescapable fact that we no longer need their oil! A recent Reuters report says, "U.S. surges past Saudis to become world's top oil supplier." And this isn't a one-time spike. This production is expected to ramp up and continue on for years... and we've found the best way to cash in! It's a little-known driller tapping into the largest oil reserve in America -- a giant oil field 4 TIMES the size of the Bakken in North Dakota. 


Click here for all the details of this U.S. oil company crushing the Saudis.

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