Saturday, November 23, 2013

Personal for Friend ...

Because of the friendship and loyalty you've shown to us here at Money and Markets, I want to give you a very special heads-up ...

General registration for our year-end investment conference opens this coming Monday — the day after tomorrow.

On Monday morning, you will find an email in your inbox containing your personal invitation — subject line: 11 Shocking Forecasts for 2014:

 It covers two days, December 3 and 4.

 It's live, online; you can ask our editors anything you like.

 Speakers include Dr. Martin D. Weiss, Mike Larson, Larry Edelson, Charles Goyette, JR Crooks, Bill Hall, Douglas Davenport, Don Lucek, Mike Burnick and more.

 Each expert will present his forecasts and best investment ideas for 2014.

 You will also get keen insights from our ���Mystery Guest��� — one of the world's most famous economists.

 It's absolutely free.

So please be sure to click the link in that invitation to reserve your place!

In the meantime, please join the discussion and tell us what YOU see ahead for 2014 ...

Knowing what you're concerned about and the opportunities you're most excited about will go a long way towards helping us make sure we cover the areas that will help you most.

Just click this link to join our editors on the Money and Markets blog as they discuss today's Question of the Day:

Which type of investment
do YOU believe will perform best
in 2014 — and why?

Is U.S. stocks? Global stocks? Which sectors?

How about bonds? Gold and silver? Oil and energy? Currencies?

Joining the discussion is easy: Just click this link to go to the blog, then scroll down and use the handy comment area to join the discussion!

Our editors will be there to chat with you about the year ahead.

So please — click this link now to join the discussion. We're anxious to hear YOUR thoughts about 2014!

Best wishes,

Jennifer Amos

Vice President, Money and Markets

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