Friday, November 22, 2013

POLL: The deadliest economic threat in 2014

Can you name the deadliest threat
to the U.S. economy and stocks
in 2014?

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Dear Friend,

Hundreds of readers are visiting the Money and Markets blog every day to discuss the year ahead with us — and temperatures are definitely rising!

Yesterday, for instance, we asked you ...

Is Washington LYING to us about economic growth, inflation and employment?

If so, how will these lies impact investors in the year ahead?

Unsurprisingly, nearly all of our readers agree on the answer:

Richard S. writes ...

"Yes, of course the government is lying to us.

"Inflation rates quoted in the press are typically the 'core inflation' that omits fuel and food.

"Unemployment figures appear better than they really are since they omit people who have given up and stopped looking for work. They also mix part-time workers in with full time in some reports.

"In general, one should multiply the reported unemployment rate by 2 or 3 to get an accurate estimate of all who should be working but can't find it."

Harold S. continues:

"What or who can you trust in Washington? The employment data we receive from the BLS is so ridiculous it is amazing."

David P. says ...

"I worked for the federal government for over 25 years. Of course the federal government lies to the American public about all sorts of issues.

"In addition, even when federal government departments are not trying to lie they use convoluted data that is meant to deceive the American public. For example, when inflation or the unemployment rates are published."

Cuyler S. agrees:

"In one word: YES!

"Yes to the economic growth, and yes to the employment picture, and now yes about the health system."

Terry T. thinks the question is a no-brainer:

"'Does the government lie to us?' That is the most ridiculous question of the MILLENIUM!

"Of course they do, it's the only way they can keep their jobs."

The funniest answer of the day came from Karen, who wrote ...

"Is Washington LYING to us? That's like asking, 'Do bears pooh in the woods?'"

So how will these lies impact us investors in 2014? Again: The answer our readers are giving us is almost unanimous:

> The U.S. economy can barely fog a mirror.

> Growth is far weaker than Washington says.

> Unemployment is an order of magnitude higher.

> Our cost of living is rising many times faster.

> And now, with many dark clouds on the horizon, 2014 is going to be an extremely uncertain year!

So — what do YOU see ahead for 2014?

The entire Money and Markets team is preparing to give you our forecasts and investment recommendations at our special year-end online conference, "11 Startling Forecasts for 2014."

Your personal invitation to attend will arrive in your inbox early next week. First, though, I need to hear your thoughts.

Knowing what you're concerned about and the opportunities you're most excited about will go a long way towards helping us make sure we cover the areas that will help you most.

Just click this link to join our editors on the Money and Markets blog as they discuss today's Question of the Day:

What is the single deadliest threat
to the U.S. economy in 2014?

Is it Obamacare? Government shutdowns? Deficits and debt? Inflation? Deflation? Rising interest rates? Recession? Depression? War? Or is it something else?

Joining the discussion is easy: Just click this link to go to the blog, then scroll down and use the handy comment area to join the discussion!

Our editors will be there to chat with you about the year ahead.

And then ...

Our entire Money and Markets team
will give you OUR forecasts
and recommendations for 2014
on December 3 and 4

At this two-day LIVE online conference, you will hear from all of our editors including our founder, Dr. Martin D. Weiss ... our natural resource specialist Larry Edelson ... our banking and interest rate specialist Mike Larson ... and many more.

Plus you will meet our "Mystery Speaker." (I don't want to ruin the surprise now — but suffice it to say, you will definitely want the chance to pick his brain!)

And when I say you will "meet" our top experts, I mean it:

Since this is a LIVE conference, you can ask our experts anything you like!

So please — click this link now to join the discussion. We're anxious to hear YOUR thoughts about 2014!

Best wishes,

Jennifer Amos
Vice President, Money and Markets

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