Thursday, November 21, 2013

POLL: Is Washington LYING about the economy?

Is Washington LYING to us
about economic growth,
inflation and employment?

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The action over at the Money and Markets blog is getting hotter by the day!

Yesterday, for instance, we asked you ...

How will the full implementation of Obamacare impact the U.S. economy in 2014?

Well, it turns out that some of our readers don't believe Obamacare itself will have a negative impact on the economy at all!

Axel, for instance, says, "Obamacare might have a negative impact on the economy in 2014, but not for economic reasons. It will be for political reasons.

"It is the implacable hatred of anything Obama supports shown by some of our elected representatives and those of our fellow citizens who support them that will generate a negative impact."

Jane says that Obamacare will have no negative impact on the U.S. economy at all:

"Contrary to most of the opinions posted here, I believe that the prophets of doom and gloom about Obamacare will be proven wrong."

But well over 90% of our readers strongly disagree:

M.D. predicts disaster ...

"Obamacare will destroy the health care system and put thousands out of work. It will take billions out of the private sector and waste it in the cesspool of government.

"The health of our nation and our people will suffer."

Donald A. says Obamacare will crush the U.S. economy next year:

"As millions more of U.S. citizens receive cancellations, discretionary income will become almost non-existent which will help tank the economy."

Al C. predicts that Obamacare will cause deflation and depression:

"I hope Obamacare gets repealed," he says. "But if it doesn't, I think it will be such an increasing drag on the economy that it will lead to a depression."

But "FBL" says it will trigger hyper-inflation and worse ...

"I foresee galloping inflation-worse than the '70s if Obamacare or one-payer health systems are installed. The quality of care of course will go way down.

"Those of us who have scrimped and saved will be looted of our life savings in taxes and fees, if not outright confiscation."

Jim H. minces no words:

"Obamacare will ruin what is left of this country," he writes, "and it will happen before 2014 is over."

R.S.W. predicts truly terrifying consequences:

"This will end badly. Possibly, the meltdown of law and order, installation of martial law complete with soup lines and total servitude. Revolution could be coming."

And Money and Markets editor Charles Goyette joined the discussion with his view:

"Obamacare is such an ill-conceived, convoluted statist mess that I suspect Hillary Clinton will offer to ���fix it' with a single-payer system as part of her 2016 platform."

So — what do YOU see ahead for 2014?

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Just click this link to join our editors on the Money and Markets blog as they discuss today's Question of the Day:

Is Washington LYING to us
about economic growth,
inflation and employment?

If so, how will these lies
impact investors in the year ahead?

Joining the discussion is easy: Just click this link to go to the blog, then scroll down and use the handy comment area to join the discussion!

Our editors will be there to chat with you about the year ahead.

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