Monday, November 25, 2013

Prius Hybrid Battery Rebuild

Prius Hybrid Battery RebuildClick Image To Visit SiteThis Guide would also be a good investment for the future. Hybrid batteries have a limited life span of 8 years or 150,000 miles on average. So if your car hasn't had a bad battery yet you can be expecting it soon as the 8 year mark is coming up on all 01′-09′ Prius.

In the summer of 2008, I bought a Prius from a guy that forgot to mention that the Hybrid Battery was dying.

Two Months later, I had to take the car to my local Toyota dealership because none of the local shops would work on the car.

I needed to talk to some experts.I started researching how the batteries worked. I found some technicians that worked at Toyota dealerships that actually rebuilt the battery packs.

I spent time with retired mechanics and discussed the procedures with techs that werent afraid to get their hands dirty and save their customers moneyLots of money.

For a few hours work and less than $350, I rebuilt my own battery pack using the tools most people already own.

I put together a guide called, Guide to Saving $4000 on your Prius Hybrid Battery in 5 Easy Steps to help you do it yourself.

Step By Step Guide For Rebuilding A Generation I (2001-2003) Prius Battery With Generation II (2004-2009) Modules/Cells

Instructions on How to Repair Your Generation I (2001-2003) Battery with Used Generation I (2001-2003) Modules/Cells

We understand that you probably have ZERO EXPERIENCE dealing with Prius batteries. This guide was not written for a mechanic. It was written for ANYONE to be able to rebuild their own hybrid battery. We can and WILL save you THOUSANDS of dollars!

We created this simple step by step guide for you because we… Read more…


Put the internet to work for you.

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