Monday, November 18, 2013

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After my first two attempts at the SAT, I was really desperate!!! I was consistently scoring above 2200 in the Practice tests, but somehow there was something missing in my SAT preparation strategy and I scored only 1900 during the actual exam. And then I heard of the 'Ways of the SAT That I must say was the end of my misery!! Applying the strategies and the mental training in this book, I came out with flying colors and got into the college of my choice. Keith Robinson (SAT 2320) !

For a long time, I had set my eyes on Princeton. I knew that I really needed to shine on the SAT, more so since my grades were just about average. Leaving nothing to chance I took an extensive round of private tutoring, but still ended up with a dismal 1900. After reading the 'Ways' I finally realized where my weaknesses lay. It was not the lack of knowledge, you can find that in the scores of commonly available books, it was the approach to this unique exam, the mental prep bits and the key strategies to tackle each section. Glad to say I finally make it with a score of 2280. Angus Mclarty (SAT 2280)

Learn about Joe's SAT prep strategy that got him a 2340 Score and how it can benefit YOU.

Joe, a SAT Winner, describes his preparation strategy in his own words SAT 1 Math I think most of the books… Read more…


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