Tuesday, November 19, 2013

SellYourArtOnline.com – The ultimate guide to selling your art online! From an expert!

SellYourArtOnline.com - The ultimate guide to selling your art online! From an expert!Click Image To Visit SiteMost artists never consider selling anything, let alone making a living (or at least some extra cash) by selling their art. Based on the artist population of the world, few have ventured online to sell their art, and even fewer have even considered using the powerful internet giant eBay. You may ask if it is even possible to make a living selling art on eBay. Yes, you really can make a living! Today, there are tens of thousands of merchants and sellers who use eBay as their sole means of making a living. Many of them are pulling down professional earnings that would make any accountant happy.

Can you really make enough to live on? Yes, you definitely can. I'm living proof. I've been selling art on eBay since 1999. I have supported myself, my wife, and 3 kids from selling art on eBay. I have made as much as $5000 in one month just selling my art work. How did I do it? It wasn't easy. It takes a lot of ambition, self-motivation, persistence, and a ton of discipline… not to mention having the know-how to do it.

eBay is a BIG venue. The traffic through that site is mind-blowing! There is no better place to sell your art work on the internet than through eBay. How do I know this? I've searched for years to find another site that even comes close to the benefits offered on eBay and always end up right back after a fruitless search.

Can anybody sell art on eBay and expect to make a sale? The answer is: ABSOLUTELY! What if your talent is questionable? There is no such thing on eBay. Art from all different talent levels can sell on eBay. You just have to attract the right buyers… Read more…



Put the internet to work for you.

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