Sunday, November 17, 2013

Speed Reading Secrets (Official Site)

Speed Reading Secrets (Official Site)Click Image To Visit SiteIt's true. I was actually afraid I was going to wash out of flight school because of my poor reading skills.

My luck turned when one of my ground school instructors, a World War II fighter pilot named Conrad Strickland, suggested I try a "twist" on reading he had heard about.

Incredibly, it worked. My speed shot up by about 50%. But the amazing thing wasn't so much that I was able to increase my speed – I was already reading much slower than the average person.

This course represents the contents of a 90-minute "mini seminar" we used to give to groups of 75 people. The purpose was to demonstrate the amazing power of the technique, and it was free. When we couldn't handle the crowd anymore we started charging $65 per seat. People still came in droves. So, in essence, you are getting a $65 value when you sign up today.

If you're serious about your reading skills but need proof the technique works, don't miss this.

The course is delivered by email and you'll receive one lesson per day for five consecutive days. You must confirm the first message to access the lessons – use a valid email address.

**Note: Your e-mail address is 100% safe with me. I'll NEVER share your contact information, and you can unsubscribe at ANY TIME, instantly and automatically! Terms & Conditions

Anyway, this "quick-fix" technique got me thinking… If it's this easy to bump your speed up by 50% in a lousy two minutes… what will it take to go higher… or even… MUCH higher?

So I began digging around in the library of New Mexico State University (this is where I did most of my aviation studying) for books and research materials about… Read more…


Put the internet to work for you.

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