Wednesday, November 20, 2013

“start your own food company”

Click Image To Visit SiteIf you've ever had anyone say to you, "This is the best ____ I've ever tasted! Why don't you market it?" Well, I know how you feel. Over a decade ago, I started playing around trying to duplicate the enchilada sauce of my favorite texmex restaurant. After much experimentation I actually did come up with a sauce that I (and my friends) thought rivaled any place in town. The problem was, I was recently divorced and totally broke. I might add I knew nothing about starting a food company, or even about running a business. And I had a regular job to boot. (still do)

But your problems are over! Start Your Own Food Company takes you by the hand and guides you from start up to production to distribution. Even those insider tips are here. You'll learn how I did it with very little money, and I've included many of these tips so you can save a bundle getting started.

Hi Bob, Here's a testimonial and a question. At first I thought your book was not worth the money I paid for it when I saw how basic some of the business entities information was. Also the number of pages for an ebook seemed like I had gotten ripped off. By the time I was half way through the book I saw how some of the information you provide could save at least $$$ thousands for my business as it gets started. I have worked as a business consultant and studied economics at Harvard and so I can see the true cost of getting some aspects of a business wrong. Thanks and your book is more than worth it. Now my question… Leighton!

My wife and I just downloaded your book and was impressed by the details you've mention on marketing… Read more…


Put the internet to work for you.

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